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App Administration

New Admin Site

A new administrative website is being rolled out in 2019. These documents will explain how to use the new site. Each document is watermarked with its current revision date. Make sure that any documents you may have downloaded are current.

*NEW!* December Update 2019 (.pdf) Current Rev. 12/2/19

  • Two new features have been introduced to the Custom app. This document shares all the details on how to make use of them.
    • 12/2 - Home Page Customization feature added to app
    • 12/2 - Pray with Others feature added to app

2019 The New Admin Website (.pdf) Current Rev. 9/23/19

  • For those familiar with the old admin site, this document will show you where things have moved and what things are and not available.

2019 Custom App Setup Guide (.pdf) Current Rev. 10/9/19

  • If you don't have a Custom App yet, this is the place the start. This document will show you everything you need to configure before we can place your app in the store.

*UPDATED* 2019 Custom App Administration Guide (.pdf) Current Rev. 12/9/19

  • Once your app is up and running, this document will show you everything you need to maintain your app.
    • 12/9 - Added Table of Contents
    • 12/9 - Added section for Home Page Customization
    • 12/9 - Added section for Pray with Others section
    • 12/9 - General layout updates

*UPDATED* 2019 Creating Content Tracks (.pdf) Current Rev. 12/10/19

  • This document contains everything you need to know about managing Content Tracks inside your Custom App.
    • 12/10 - Images updated
    • 12/10 - General layout updates

2019 Adding Translations Guide (.pdf) Current Rev. 10/9/19

  • This document explains how to add translated text to various pieces of content.

Old Admin Site

Quickstart Custom App Guide (.pdf)

This guide gives you a brief overview of how to configure your app. Start here when configuring your app for the first time.

Custom App Setup (.pdf)

This is the full app configuration document. Consult this guide for more detail on configuration options.

Custom App Administration (.pdf)

This guide takes you through all the features of your Custom App with detailed instructions to help you get the most out of your Custom App.

Content Writing Guidelines (.pdf)

General guidelines for writing effective content for your Custom App.

Creating Tracks Guide (.pdf)

(New) A new and updated guide to creating Content tracks in your Custom App.