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Forensics Text & Teaching Resources

Forensics Illustrated-Step Under the Tape, a full curriculum written for High School Students, is now available free to anyone. Previously, this resource required the purchase of a book or CD-rom, but now Forensics Illustrated and all its resources are available to anyone with the internet.

Forensics Labs - A key element of any science class is the effective use of quality labs which allow students to put prior learned concepts into practical use. These activities are most significant when labs are examples of real world applications. Often labs of this type are either to expensive or dangerous for teens to conduct. In forensic science, a topic most people find riveting, real world labs can be carried out on a regular basis safely and economically.

Crime Scene Investigations

A Simple CSI Simulation - If a large simulation is intimidating to you, you may want to try a simpler one first. This page contains information and links to a much simpler CSI simulation. This simulation may be conducted by one teacher with the students in a class functioning as teams of three to four students.

A CSI Simulation - Learn how to design a simulation which will allow your students to be a part of a CSI team and solve a crime. This simulation is best performed in collaboration with a team of teachers including science, psychology, social studies, and drama teachers. Students will have a blast and learn a ton.

Course Resources

The following websites and resources were developed as a companion to High School Classes in a High School setting. These websites have been around a while and may or may not have updated file formats. Enjoy.

Other Resources

Files and Resources of a Doctorate Dissertation

Administrative Behavior: The Ripple Effect-A study of how specific principal behaviors affect teacher and student performance: This website has links to resources and documents utilized and composed in the completion of a doctorial program with the University of Louisville in 2008-2009 school year.

May Term - This site is a showcase of a high school concept started at North Oldham High School in the Spring of 2005 and since has been implemented in multiple schools. The basic concept is that in the last few weeks of school instead of forcing students and teachers to forge ahead in futility, why not use the last couple weeks of school for more interesting, interactive, preparatory classes which focus on student interest and personal connection.

Senior Projects - Senior project an applied real world experience/class designed to give students the opportunity to pursue and develop an interest. It is to be directed by an instructor and mentor, but be driven by the student.