Concert Uniform

All students in the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Percussion Ensemble are required to wear specific formal attire for all performances. Listed below are the requirements. We recommend purchasing (you can also rent tuxedos) from Tuxedo Wholesaler for the best price and for non-tux options follow the guidelines. All you need to is contact Tuxedo Wholesaler for ordering information. All orders will be handled by you, not the band, this year. If there is a financial hardship contact Mrs. Sabado directly to discuss aide.

Choose one option from the three below. Improper concert attire may prevent you from being able to perform.

Option A - Tux

Black dress jacket, pants, vest (optional), and bow tie

White collared shirt

Black dress shoes with long black socks

Option B - Dress

Black floor-length dress (must have sleeves that cover shoulders)

Black dress shoes

Option C - Shirt with Pants/Skirt

Option C:

Black dress shirt (no sleeveless) with black tie or bowtie for collared shirts

Black dress pants or floor-length skirt

Black dress shoes (with long black socks, if applicable)