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BRS Juniors Journal Club

Welcome to the January 2021 edition of the BRS Juniors Journal Club, please enjoy watching our video and we look forward to receiving your submissions in the near future!

Januarys excellent journal club entry from Dan Michalik at University Hospitals Dorset appraises the evidence form the CRES study that smoking has an effect of chronic rhinosinusitis. Enjoy his 5 minute review below.

Please click here to access the Journal Club section of our website for our archived journals and papers and for more information on how to submit your entry.

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Paper 1 (early years trainees)

Evolution of the Septoplasty: maximising functional and aesthetic outcomes in nasal surgery. Delaney SW. M J Otol 2018 1(1): 004.

Paper 2 (ST3+)

Septoplasty with or without concurrent turbinate surgery versus non-surgical management for nasal obstruction in adults with a deviated septum: a pragmatic, randomised controlled trial. van Egmond M, Rovers M, Hannink G, Hendriks C, van Heerbeek N. Lancet 2019 Jul 27;394(10195):314-321.

Educational Resources

Septoplasty: Assessment & Approaches

Mr White, Consultant Rhinology & ENT Surgeon

Rhinology & Facial Plastics National Training Day

Clinical Implications of Septal Surgery

Mr Bast, Consultant ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon

27th Congress of the European Rhinologic Society

Deviated Nose: The Functional Aspect

Mr Joshi, Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon

Associazione Naso Sano

Rhinoplasty Archive >> Septal Surgery

Test Yourself


1. Draw and label a sagittal view of the membranous, cartilaginous and bony components of the nasal septum.

2. What are some indications for septoplasty?

3. How would you assess, examine and investigate a patient with septal deviation who wants to consider septoplasty?


1. What are the options and considerations in managing an acutely deviated anterior septal deviation?

2. You see a patient with persistent nasal blockage following septoplasty. How would you manage this?

3. You see a patient with a septal perforation following septoplasty. What are your treatment options?

BRS Juniors Inaugural Video Launch

What you need to know about smell perception and Coronavirus

Main Speaker: Professor Claire Hopkins

Guest Speaker: Mr Pavol Surda

Moderator: Miss Abigail Walker


Thanks to our friends and colleagues at the Association of Otolaryngologists in Training (Known more commonly as AOT), we are proud to provide you with this amazing, free, online educational resource which is a series of Rhinology (and other ENT sub-specialties) interactive and live recorded lectures on YouTube.

This resource first started during the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown, and is now ever-growing and becoming an invaluable resource for rhinologists and rhinologists in training alike.

To access this free resource please click the direct link to the Rhinology section below:

Please do not forget to support our colleagues at AOT by visiting their website which is packed with educational resources, information on courses and conferences, and much much more!

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