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Welcome to BRS Juniors, a branch of the British Rhinological Society. This website is for all medical students, junior doctors, specialty trainee registrars and non-training grade doctors with an interest in the fascinating sub-specialty of Rhinology. We hope to regularly update this website and would love to share content from others, remember it is your website and platform.

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BRS Juniors Inaugural Video Launch

What you need to know about smell perception and Coronavirus

Main Speaker: Professor Claire Hopkins

Guest Speaker: Mr Pavol Surda

Moderator: Miss Abigail Walker

Free ers webinar Series

We are very excited to present you with a free ERS Webinar Series that will enable you to join our academic experts for online Zoom sessions during this time of limited travel. A team of international rhinologists will be sharing their knowledge and experience, addressing key questions in rhinology.

Recent events have left us all looking for new ways to come together. As the ERS2020 Congress has been postponed until May 8-11th 2021 due to COVID-19, we wanted to give you and ourselves an opportunity to re-connect and discuss practical rhinological concerns. There are new challenges for us all as we find our way forward in this pandemic. What better way to learn and share experiences than online with the ERS!

  • Regular Zoom Webinars from the ERS
  • Regular FREE online-based teaching webinars for all!

Please click the below link for more information and to register and attend:

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Meetings and Events

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