Osprey Point

Osprey Point (also known as the East River Conservation Project) is located in the Village of Bellevue along County Highway GV. It is a 100-acre conservancy area maintained by the Brown County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League. The Chapter raised funds in 1991 and purchased the land to protect and preserve this natural treasure. The property was donated to the Village of Bellevue and leased back to the Brown County Chapter (a 100 year lease) with the intent that it be maintained as a nature conservancy area.

Over the past 25+ years, the Izaak Walton League has maintained the conservancy area for all area residents to enjoy, at no cost to Bellevue taxpayers. Osprey Point is the only natural conservancy area in Bellevue. It’s a peaceful place that provides a benefit for the entire community, offering residents a place to enjoy nature and wildlife.

The conservancy area has many outstanding features, including:

• Two ponds used for fishing by children, seniors and people with disabilities, including an annual fishing day for 150 students from Syble Hopp School

• Walking and hiking trails

• Wild turkeys

• An Osprey nesting area

• Sandhill cranes

• Deer

• Pheasants

• 60+ species of birds

• Other wildlife

The Chapter is currently in the process of implementing its master plan for Osprey Point that includes the restoration of 10+ acres back to conservancy use. The master plan includes a proposed natural playground, a bee and butterfly garden, a youth archery range, an amphitheatre, more hiking trails, and so much more. Keep posted for additional information, including on our Facebook Fan Page.

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Osprey Point Master Plan

The Chapter is working on a master plan for its 100-acre conservancy known as Osprey Point, which is located on County Highway GV, Village of Bellevue. The Master Plan includes components that will engage youth and reconnect them with nature. The major components of the plan include a natural playground, a bee and butterfly garden, a sensory garden and a youth archery range. The plan also includes some new trails, as well as an amphitheatre that can be used for educational programs. The following is a copy of a site map that includes the draft master plan:

Click and zoom in on picture to see details.