What vaccines are required?

Cats: FVRCP and Rabies 

Dog: DA2PP/DAPP , Rabies and Bordetella 

Can we call you to check in and see how our pet is doing?

Absolutely! Call,  email or text us! Facetime is even available on request at an agreed upon time . 

What do you do incase of illness or injury?

We will quickly assess the situation and determine our plan of action depending on the illness or injury and we will try and contact you.

Our concern is the best care of your pet! Dr Sandha (owner) has been practicing veterinary medicine for 15+ years so you can be sure your loved one is getting the best possible care!

Although we do our best to minimize any injuries to your dog, during normal play a dog may get small scratches, nicks. We supervise the dogs when they are outside to play and if we see that some dogs are playing too ruff then we will bring them in for a break. 

Do I bring food for my pet or do you supply it?

That is up to your digression, it is best to keep your pet on the same diet as they re used to it. However for an additional fee we can absolutely supply food!

Do you take puppies? How old do they have to be?

Based on our experience, for the most enjoyable experience for your puppy, we require that they be at least four months old. This is for the safety of your puppy and other dogs. Final vaccination, typically aren’t given until four months of age 

What if my flight is delayed and I cant pick up on time? can someone else come for me?

Don't sweat it!  We can empathize with you that somethings are out of your control! We don't mind adjusting the pick up time or (with your permission)   have a loved one that can do the pick up. We will always do our best to accommodate you and your pets needs!

My dog doesn't do well around other dogs, is this a problem?

Nope! We have more then enough room to accommodate your pets social needs or boundaries !

What if something happens overnight ?

We have 19 cameras throughout the property to ensure that no matter what your pet is under 24hr supervision! The camera feed goes right to the owners phone and can be here before you snap your fingers! So rest assured your loved one is in good hands! 

What if I need to extend my care needs?

No problem! just let us know how many days you require!