Anatoliy Knyazev

Anatoly Knyazev has become one of the most famous investment figures of the last decades. The talented young man was distinguished from childhood by his mathematical way of thinking and tendency to analyze the information he received. It was the love to mathematics, calculations, analytics that determined the direction of the financier's further life path.

He liked working with numbers, liked studying. This desire led him into academia: it was easy enough to get a bachelor's and master's degree in mathematics, comprehension of computer science did not cause any difficulties either.

The acquired knowledge allowed Anatoly Knyazev to trade profitably on financial markets, and by 2011 he co-founded the investment company Exante. Already in 2017 he managed to create his own venture fund, Exantech, and a technical laboratory of the same name.

After successful graduation from MSU, Knyazev became interested in software development. Subsequently, the extensive experience gained while working at Netcracker Technology Corp became the basis for creating Exante. It was the knowledge gained, fused with real experience working for leading business support systems manufacturers that allowed Knyazev's project to become a head start over other investment companies in the market.

The rules of successful investing from Anatoly Knyazev:

According to the financier, the way to profitable investments is by following four simple rules of doing business:

  • Invest only in first-class stocks of reliable companies

  • Be prepared for market volatility and don't get scared when inquiring steep price fluctuations

  • Allocate your portfolio wisely, avoid speculation

  • Control own cash flows and be sure to allocate part of them to investments

Trading carried the young broker away, gradually the hobby in the form of constant deepening of knowledge in the field of exact mathematical sciences began to become a profession. By early 2004, Knyazev had become a recognized expert in the rapidly developing field of cybernetics and arbitrage. His knowledge of computational mathematics allowed him to analyze wrong prices in derivatives quotations with underlying assets, to play with these differences profitably and earn from them consistently. Algorithmic trading was in its development stage, so Anatoly's combination of brilliant education and valuable experience instantly interested global partners.

Knyazev joined the circle of successful brokers and quickly created a network of counterparties. At one of the private events a chance encounter with Alexey Kirienko took place, and this meeting became fateful. Two talented and successful traders with experience in IT development of leading companies instantly realized: they needed to combine their efforts, knowledge and capital to reach a fundamentally different level. The combination of the available know-how and the unique author's software made it possible to expand the company's sphere of activity, create Settlers on American platforms, and develop a network of counterparties.

By 2011, under the management of two competent, young specialists, the company obtained the license, as well as established a group of loyal clients. It became one of the three companies whose platform allows you to work with all the world markets of all countries simultaneously. Anatoly Knyazev was talked about as a specialist who understood the needs of his clients, a broker who created software for brokers, taking into account all the details of trading. A new star has lit up the financial market.

Cryptocurrency pioneers

While Exante's brokerage business was developing at a rapid pace, Knyazev thought more and more often: the imminent unification of the world's financial systems was obvious to him. His inquisitive mind understood the advantages of cryptocurrencies and saw what horizons this rather new sphere of activity opens up. The author's software together with a unique range of trading platform tools made it possible to clearly demonstrate the undeniable advantages of trading in the increasingly popular cryptocurrency to interested investors all over the world.

Actively attending conferences in different countries, he presented his expert opinion based on his own extensive experience and academic knowledge. Knyazev does not use the typical fundamental analysis that most investors use to assess the potential of companies. His method is a mathematical search for the right instruments in the universe of futures. This innovative approach has put Exante on the list of leading brokerage businesses.

Excellent brokerage service distinguishes Exante from many others: its founders made "a brokerage company for brokers", having full understanding not only of market mechanisms, but also of investors' needs. Today Anatoly Knyazev is one of the most famous recognized bitcoin experts.