Over the last eight years we have worked hard to make positive changes in our facilities for the school, students and the boys basketball program.

HS Gym

In 2017, thanks to the Bristol Boosters and Boy's Basketball Program, we were able to renovate all of the doors in the high school gym and boy's locker room. In 2018, we completed phase 2 of the project and install new wall pads behind each main hoop. A special thank you to the Bristol 300 Club and Bristol High School for purchasing the wall pads.

Bristol HS Gym Renovations

Team Room

In 2012, thanks to a lot of time and energy from Kenny Arbie and other volunteers from the Bristol Basketball program, we were able to renovate the boys varsity team room. In 2015, we finished our second phase of the team room renovations.

Bristol Team Room

Weight Room

In 2011, thanks to funds from Bristol High School, 300 Club, Bristol Boosters general funds and the Bristol boys basketball program we were able to add multiple pieces of weight equipment including a few benches, squat rack, multi-use exercise machine, dumbbells, free weights, etc. We were also able to add a decent size rubber band gym. This is used by the physical education teachers at Bristol and the entire athletic program.

Shooting Machines

In 2016, through donations from the Bristol Athletic Boosters, Athletic Department, and boys/girls basketball programs we were able to add another top of the line shooting machine. The Dr. Dish is available to both the boys and girls basketball programs and is used on a daily basis.

In 2013, through funds donated from the Bristol boys basketball program, athletic department, and funds raised from all of the basketball teams by a shoot-a-thon we were able to add a top of the line shooting machine. This shooting gun is available to both the boys and girls basketball program.

Elementary Tournament

Thanks to Scott Chapman (2012-16), Dan Collins (2017-present), the Bristol boys basketball program, and Bristol Athletics Booster members we have run a very successful Annual Elementary Tournament since 2012. We have received many compliments running this tournament and it has grown each year of existence. Through this tournament we have raised funds for the Bristol basketball program and Bristol Boosters Club to use towards the better of the student/athletes of Bristol School District.

@ 2019 Bristol Boys Basketball