Battle for the Paddle

Bristol and Maplewood schools are located on St. Rt. 88, separated by Mosquito Lake. Although the Bristol vs. Maplewood rival has been going on for years, the first Battle for the Paddle game was played during the 2012-2013 basketball season. On an odd numbered year the game is played at Maplewood and on an even numbered year at Bristol. The trophy is an oar that each school drew and painted a school design on the side assigned to each school. When the paddle is in Bristol's possession it hangs in the entrance of the Bristol Gymnasium underneath the "Light the Panther."

2019: Bristol 68-37

2018: Bristol 91-51

2017: Bristol 51-38

2016: Bristol 69-35

2015: Maplewood 53-49

2014: Bristol 50 - 47

2013: Bristol 71-62

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