Men's Grooming

The Brews Range

Beer's basic ingredient 'malt' is full of protein that strengthens hair cuticles. If you apply malt protein to your hair, the cuticles begin to realign themselves, repairing damage. Finally innovation and science have infused malt into a new haircare range, Redken Brews®.  Enhanced hydration, strength and nourishment for hair.  All prices include tax.


In 1967, Redken introduced one of the first professional grooming lines for men. Staying true to that heritage, the next generation of men's essentials is here. Whether you need to boost your hair's density, quench dryness or invigorate your senses, Redken provides grooming solutions with protein and carbohydrates for strength and energy.

MESSY HAIR, MAXIMUM CONTROL AND GRITTY TEXTURE – Redken Brews Clay Pomade. Not feeling the look of polished hair? A clay men’s pomade can do the trick when it comes to roughing up your hair. If you have fine hair that can’t seem to hold any hairstyle, a clay pomade could be exactly what your hair needs to get some texture. Use your fingertips to massage the clay through your hair while it’s damp or dry to help get a messy look.   $25

BUILD MAXIMUM BODY AND DENSITY WITH A NATURAL FINISH - Redken Brews Molding Paste; a high hold formula that combines unrivalled pliability with the utmost staying power. Infused with polystretch fibers, the non-greasy paste allows you to create your desired style; it adds texture and definition, whilst delivering flexible control with a natural finish. Squeeze a dime size amount on fingers and spread out then shape your hair.   $30


Redken Brews haircare products for men are multi-tasking and efficient to match your lifestyle. From men's shampoos and men's conditioner for daily use to haircare products that treat specific needs, like men with oily scalp in need of an extra clean or men with sensitive scalp in need of a cooling shampoo, you're sure to find haircare products to meet your unique hair needs.

Redken Brews Daily Shampoo gently cleanses without stripping the hair. Leaves hair feeling clean and fresh. Lightweight to keep hair manageable around-the-clock. Features malt to strengthen and nourish hair. Totally suitable for use everyday.   $20

Redken Brews Extra Clean Shampoo is our best men's shampoo for oily hair. The formula is is perfect for men who find their hair turning greasy quicker than they'd prefer. Extra Clean Shampoo intensely cleanses to eliminate dirt and oil. Removes build up from men's hair products.   $20

Redken Brews 3 in 1 Shampoo cleanses, hydrates and revitalises the hair and skin. Infused with nourishing Malt, the lightweight formula works as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one convenient product. Perfect for at home or on-the-move. Practical for Gym users & travelers.   $20

Redken Brews Mint Shampoo invigorates your hair and scalp. Infused with Menthol, the luxurious shampoo effectively eliminates impurities and product build-up, whilst a dose of Malt strengthens and nourishes to leave hair feeling thoroughly cleansed and hydrated. Delivers a pleasant cooling sensation and an energizing mint.   $20

Redken Brews Daily Conditioner moisturizes men's hair without weighing it down. The lightweight formula is suitable for everyday use. Detangles and hydrates hair. Rich new formula features malt to strengthen and nourish your hair.   $25

Genuine Redken products are sold exclusively by authorized dealers.