A regular shape up with tidy back and sides and scissors on top.  For men with shorter styles who keep it smart.  Tapered edge, or light fade.  Rebook 4-8 weeks.

Price:  $35   (Tax Included)

Buzz Cut
A brisk clipper cut is ideal when time is of the essence.   Choose:  #1½, #2, or #3½.   Recommended maintenance every 2-4 weeks.   Look good, and feel fresh.

Price:  $25   (Tax Included)

Longer Haircut
A total restyle is recommended if you have long hair that is many months overdue.  Additional steps will be required to reshape from long-to-short.

Price:  $70   (Tax Included)

Neck Trim    (Upon Request)
A quick service to tidy necklines and the sideburns. ‌ Freshen-up between cuts, to keep you looking fantastic.   A great way to prolong the life of your haircut.

Price:  $10   (Tax Included)

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