The Haircut You Want

Not every haircut will work on every type of hair. Texture, density, and length could influence your ultimate choice. Choose the style that works best for you.


A Standard Cut consists of several unique hairstyles. These may include the Businessman's Cut, Comb Over, or Slick Back. The top is cut approximately 2-4 inches long. The rest is a taper, or simple fade on the sides and back.

Short-medium lengths customized using a variety of techniques including scissors, styling razor and clipper. Consultation and style tips. For men with shorter styles who keep it smart and business casual. You will look and feel more confident with cuts every 4 weeks.

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is tapered on the sides and back, and is slightly longer on top. The top is cut uniformly to a single length. This short no-frills cut gets its name from the rowing crews at Ivy League schools.

Up to three guards and/or blades (no scissors). To keep a fresh look, a regular routine is recommended.

Buzz Cut

This Clipper Cut may also be known as a military haircut or buzzcut. Try a super short induction cut: #1 blade. For a little more length, choose the popular: #2 blade.

This simple one-length haircut is performed using a single clipper blade. Clean tapered edges. For best results, schedule a visit every 2-3 weeks.

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