Open data: I am an advocate of open-data, open-code, and reproducibility in science. For all of my projects I share both my data, code for model fits and graphing in an annotated and reproducible manner. This is typically in the form of R or Mathematica code and can all be found on my GitHub site. If you would like to collaborate in the future, let it be known that I am committed to making sure that data and code is shared openly. I will not take on a project where coauthors are unwilling to share data and code (unless there are ethical or confidentiality concerns).

Open access: I believe that science should be accessible to all and that it is a civic duty that taxpayers have access to the research they fund. For that reason, I aim to publish in open-access or professional-society aligned journals and avoid for-profit journals. I am also a huge proponent of preprints on servers such as BioRxiV and SocRxiV, and post most of my empirical and theoretical work around the time of submission to a peer reviewed journals. In the unlikely event you can't get a copy of one of my publications, please email me.

Inclusivity and Diversity in Science*: As a mentor I am dedicated to supporting individuals who identify themselves as members of underrepresented communities. I do not tolerate discrimination against others on the basis of gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or religious views. I value a welcoming work and learning environment for all. If you work with me as a research assistant and feel intimidated or discriminated by another or see discrimination of others, please feel free to contact me.

If I (Brendan) am/is the source of concern and you would like to file an official complaint, please contact the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology's Ombudsperson or Equal Opportunity Commissioner.

You may have a look at MPI's sexual harassment policies here.

*Adapted from the website of Corina Logan.