Current Courses

In Fall 2019 I am teaching:

    • MA 514, Combinatorial Structures and Techniques

Past Courses

MA 113, Calculus I

MA 114, Calculus II

MA 310, Problem Solving for Teachers

MA 322, Matrix Algebra and its Applications

MA 330, History of Mathematics

MA 341, Topics in Geometry

MA 391, Mathematical Composition and Communication

MA 515, Linear and Combinatorial Optimization

MA 601, Teaching College Mathematics

MA 614, Enumerative Combinatorics

MA 714, Local Cohomology and Combinatorics

MA 714, Topological Methods in Combinatorics

MA 714, Unimodality and Log-Concavity

MA 714, Discrete Morse Theory

MA 714, Computations and Experiments in Combinatorics and Algebra

MA 751, Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations