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Why Is This Game Different?

To answer that question, it is necessary to look at another related question, which is, “How is this game different?” Minds Across Time is a collectible trading card game (TCG), and like most other TCG’s Minds Across Time enables players to construct a unique deck from the set of Minds Across Time cards, to train and practice using that deck, and then to face other players in a contest of mastery. There are cards with short-term effects, cards that remain in play indefinitely, and a handful of possibilities which are added to each turn. Those components, by themselves, are enough to produce a fairly compelling gameplay experience, which is why TCG’s have exploded as a genre over the past 23 years. Those components are also about where the similarities between Minds Across Time and other TCG’s end.

For one thing, Minds Across Time has no direct combat mechanic. You don’t summon monsters or creatures, or attempt to knock out your opponent’s battle-ready pets. The end goal is not to eliminate your opponent’s “life” points. Instead, your goal is to make something. What you make is up to you, but your goal is to earn victory points by combining the characters, resources, and products at your disposal. Just because there isn’t a combat mechanic, though, doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of conflict. You can undermine and stall your opponents, steal or copy their cards and abilities, destroy products, and divert their efforts.

For another thing, Minds Across Time has much deeper card combinations than many other TCG’s, because there is no limit to the number of cards in play, and cards aren’t necessarily being removed all the time.

Minds Across Time is also faster-paced than many other TCG’s. Players are able to seed the game with two characters and two resource cards from the very beginning, and players draw two cards at the beginning of every turn. Bad luck will not account for a player’s inability to play the cards they want to.

Finally, Minds Across Time is open to variable numbers of players. Unlike other TCG’s which have been designed around a single opponent, Minds Across Time has been imagined from the ground up to support flexible numbers of players.

So now we get to the original question: Why is Minds Across Time different?

Because Minds Across Time is about possibility made reality. Because we don’t believe that people need special powers or a fantasy world to do powerful things or have fantastic accomplishments. No disrespect to fantasy - it’s a wonderful genre - but Minds Across Time is different, because it is anchored in reality. There are many, many ways to play Minds Across Time. Not all of them will win. Prove your mastery. Minds Across Time.