About Brain Crates:

Brain Crates are mail-order boxes that bring exploratory educational experiences into the home. Brain Crates are available for many different aspects of STEAM education, and are meant to help fill the gaps left by other educational services, particularly in light of school closures and distance learning. Our carefully designed activities bring learning into the hands of students and give them the tools to discover and enrich their world.

About our Pedagogy:

Brain Crates are designed to tap into the educational benefits of self-motivated project-based learning. Students will start with a core introductory activity lasting about an hour that is heavily guided and designed to introduce them to the topic of the crate. There are a further 10 hours of follow-up content and activities that help students to deepen and broaden their understanding of the topic. But a student's engagement with a crate doesn't have to end there. Every crate concludes with some open-ended activities that reward creativity and initiative, an could give passionate students hundreds of hours of further exploration.

Our crates are curated by Sam Saarinen, an award-winning instructor, educational researcher, and author of the book, "Education: The Next Hundred Years".