Concentration, Coherence, Attention and Stress Resilience


How The Process Works

Step 1. Fist you will need to purchase the FLOWTIME wearable Neuroheadband.

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(Biofeedback Meditations)

Flowtime is a wearable brain sensing headband,

Flowtime headband, while providing information about the brain activity, also measures heart rate variability, breath coherence, brainwave EEG, attention, and stress resilience

These are all valuable factors while trying to practice and enhance the mindfulness training and introduce the user to an effective meditation session.

The main function of the Flowtime headband is to measure your brain activity. In order to do that, the headband has electroencephalographies (EEG) sensors that are implanted into the headband. Once measured, the EEG signals are then converted into audio feedback that is fed to the user through headphones.

Step 2. Download the Flowtime App. The Flowtime headband is connected through Bluetooth to the user’s phone. On the phone, an app called the Flowtime app, which is free of charge, is required to be installed (see your App play store)

The app and the headband compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The app allows the user to track their progress, set goals, and create a rewarding meditation session that the user will benefit from.

The app measures the time spent meditating and the success rate, while introducing fun challenges for the user to complete and with that, motivating anyone who has been using the app and the Flowtime headband to continue and improve their experience.

Flowtime is a brain fitness tool that measures brain signals much like a heart rate monitor senses your heartbeat.

Flowtime finely calibrated sensors detect and measure the activity of your brain.

What are Brainwave Rhythms?

The brainwaves are divided into five kinds of rhythms based on their frequencies. They are α wave, β wave, θ wave, δ wave, and γ wave. When your brain is in different states, the percentage changes. Through frequency domain analysis of real-time brainwaves, we'll know the power ratio of each brainwave. The change in their percentage reflects the change of brain states.

Name Frequency Power Ratio Brain state Meditation state

Gamma wave (γ) 30-45Hz About 2% Aware and focused Experienced meditators do meditation.

Beta wave (β) 1 4-30 Hz 35~55% Focused, active intense Highly focused during meditation.

Alpha wave (α) 8-14Hz 15~35% Aware relaxed eyes closed Increases when you close eyes relaxed.

Theta wave (θ) 4-7Hz 25~45% Deeply relaxed, or light sleep Experienced meditators strong theta wave but keep awake.

Delta wave (δ) 1-3Hz About 5% Deep sleep Changes very little during meditation.

Many of your questions can be answered below

Flowtime Glossary , Instructions, and Help file page

Our Neurofeedback Sessions

Step 3. During our 1st session after you receive your headband, we will review the Flowtime app functions, and I will lead you through a guided mediation session and your brainwave changes will be recorded.

Step 4. We will review that data and then establish a daily or weekly training schedule for you to do at home.

Step 5. At the end of each home session you will share your training data results via email or text (there is a share the session link in your Flowtime app).

Step 6. We will review your progress during your therapy session. Ed Geraty LCSW-C Call to set up session 410-804-1934