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Welcome to Blue Planet's Spring Campaigns!

Blue Planet Foundation is a local nonprofit organization focused on transitioning Hawai’i to 100% clean energy through education, awareness, and legislation. Our education program has helped to create a following of students and teachers who want to have fun and spread awareness about clean renewable energy.

Where does change begin? It starts with YOU! This spring, we will be running two campaigns: BPF Changemakers and Smart Strips in Schools. The former is a continuation of our Changemaker’s social media campaign, while the latter incorporates the whole classroom. You can find more information about each campaign on their respective pages.

Both of these campaigns will consist of clean energy challenges for students to complete. These challenges will provide students with the opportunity to become immersed with Hawaii’s goal for a 100% clean energy future, and will be centered around:

  • Storytelling: Sharing your own, the community, and the state’s stories about the need for change and Hawaii’s journey towards energy independence.
  • Powerful Policy: Advocacy and awareness around bills that drive clean energy. Make your voice heard!
  • Impactful Action: Getting people involved to make behavior change for a cleaner future.

The BPF Changemakers are Hawai’i’s 6th-12th grade public, private, home and charter school students dedicated to creating a sustainable future through clean energy. By participating in fun weekly Instagram challenges (submissions can also be sent through email), students will be helping to spread awareness of their support of a 100% clean energy future!

The Smart Strips In Schools campaign is for 3rd-6th grade students and will be a classroom series of four clean energy challenges in a friendly-competition format. Students break up into small groups within their class and complete the four challenges, receive prizes from Blue Planet for each completed challenge, and compete to be the top winner (for that challenge) who's product will then be submitted for the "finals". We will provide a breakdown for how to run the "straight-forward" challenges, and you will be able to easily apply them in your class!

Challenges for both campaigns will be posted on this website, Instagram, and can be emailed out every week. While completing these challenges and helping to inspire others to become clean energy ambassadors, your students will also be winning fun prizes! It’s a win-win!

We look forward to working with Hawai’i’s Changemakers and clean energy advocates! Please let us know if you have any questions.


Mr. Griff and Tabatha Knudson

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Instagram: @bpf_changemakers