Boycott Sacramento PBIDs

#BoycottSacPBIDs #TakeSacBack #FightGentrification #PeopleOverProfits


What are PBIDs?

PBIDs stand for Property Based Improvement Districts, or public-private partnerships. They basically give jurisdiction over public space within the district to businesses, they also get money from the city/county and have members of the city council and county board of supervisors sitting on their boards. This gives these associations unfettered access to influence public policy, which results in a power structure where profitability is the top concern. It also causes gentrification by white washing the communities they encompass, pushing out "Undesired" long time residents/businesses and causing rent spikes.

One example of their influence on policy is the new anti-homeless ordinances passed earlier this year. These business districts lobbied the city, without providing actual data or evidence, to implement these new ordinances, further criminalizing our unhoused neighbors for asking for help. A few months back, they sent a joint letter to the city speaking out against building new shelters. All this while council members are sitting on their boards.

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