The Bow Benders of Warren County, NJ is a 4-H Shooting Sports club that teaches archery to boys and girls in grades 4-12. We accommodate all levels of archers and provide equipment to get them started.

Archery Disciplines

4-H promotes target, field, and 3D archery. The Bow Benders have a 60 meter outdoor range in Stewartsville, NJ, and an indoor range hosted by the Owl’s Nest in Phillipsburg, NJ.

Achievement Awards

The Bow Benders of Warren County Archery Achievement Program allows archers to earn clover award pins at their own pace as they develop their archery skills. 4-H archers can earn clover award pins for shooting with novice, recurve, or compound bows. Each clover award pin is a different target color and represents increasing difficulty. Optional silver and gold clover award pins are reserved for the highest difficultly level.

Club Priority Model

4-H Shooting Sports is driven by a priority model that places the most emphasis on education. Members learn in a hands on approach and can choose to participate recreationally and/or compete in county, state, and national competitions.