Toilet Tissue

Toilet Tissue 2-ply (96 rolls/case)

Economical and soft

Item # 7350

Toilet Tissue 2-ply Cottonelle

60 rolls/case, 506 sheets/roll

The brand you know and trust. This tissue offers the soft, plush quality that you expect at home.

Item #: 7360

Toilet Tissue 2-ply GEN 500

500 sheets/roll

Economical and soft tissue. A little heavier tissue than the GEN 800.

Item # 7340

Toilet Tissue 2-ply Windsoft

96 rolls/case

500 sheets/roll

Softer and more absorbent tissue provides "at-home" quality. Premium wrapper adds an upscale touch to any facility. Individually wrapped. Brighter and whiter tissue. Safe for sewer and septic systems.

Item # 7349

Toilet Tissue Charmin Ultra Strong 2-ply

Charmin Ultra Strong -More durable than the ultra rippled brand. You can count on a clean you with fewer pieces left behind.

4.27" x 4" sheets.

165 sheets/roll.

4 rolls per pack.

10 packs per case.

Item # 7348

Toilet Tissue Coreless 2-ply

36 rolls/case

1500 sheets/roll

Economical, high-capacity rolls decrease service intervals and reduce the risk of run-out. Unique packaging optimizes storage space and reduces waste. Made from recuycled fibers. Product contains 25% post consumer and 100% total recovery material.

Item # 7356

Toilet Tissue Scott 2-ply

80 rolls/case

550 sheets/roll

The ideal balance of strength, softness, absorbency, and economy.

Item # 7347

Toilet Tissue Jumbo 2-ply

2 rolls/case



Ideal for high traffic areas because jumbo rolls help save time and labor.

Item # 7352