Glass Cleaners

Glass See

Foaming Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

Glass-See is a foaming glass and hard surface cleaner. It cleans and polishes surfaces to eliminate spots, streaks and film. This non-static formula uses rapid wetting agents and surfactants to get the job done without attracting dust particles. Glass-See eliminates your cold weather streaking problems, drying clear in all weather. The foaming action of this product prevents dripping and messy spills. Glass-See is a Boresow-label product* that Meets Your Cleaning Needs.

Item # 1175

Glass Cleaner

A ready to use glass and plexiglass cleaner.

Simply spray on and wipe off with a clean cloth or towel.

Leaves a clean smudge-free polished surface.

May also be used as a light duty cleaner on many hard surfaces such as: door moldings, bed frames, chairs, telephones, stair railings, etc.

Item # 1180

C Thru Glass Cleaner Concentrate

C-Thru is a concentrated Boresow-label* glass and utility cleaner. This economical solution can be diluted up to four or five parts water for every one part cleaner, making it a cost effective alternative to traditional glass cleaners. C-Thru has a no-smear, no-smudge, non-streaking formula that makes glass and plexiglass sparkle and shine.

Item # 1190