Covered Area Needed

We have acquired a number of large exhibit items that do not fit inside our museum. Currently, these sit on a slab behind the Depot. We want to extend the roof of our building to provide an area where these items can be displayed and protected. The proposed roof will mirror the roof line on the front of the building. This will allow us to preserve these items and have them available as exhibits. If you would like to help us, you can support us through our GoFundMe site by clicking on the image to the left. There you can view a video that explains our need and see details about the project. We will also be working on better fencing for security. Your support is greatly appreciated. We are very thankful to those people who recognize the need to preserve articles from our past.

We are making progress toward this goal. We have moved the storage shed (shown on the left side of the photograph) and have revised plans so that we can create covered space in sections as funding becomes available.

Heat Pump Project

In the past several years we have made improvements to our wonderful Depot building. It is one of the largest Great Northern Rail Road depot designs, and it is well-built. We have added extra insulation in the ceiling, re-roofed the building, and added a second layer of windows, all in the interest of being able to keep the building more energy efficient and usable throughout the year. While these efforts have helped, especially with our winter electricity bills, we have decided that what we need is an energy efficient system for both heating and cooling. With this in mind, we are raising funds to install a heat pump. We are devoting all fundraising efforts to this project, unless donations are otherwise specified.