Building the Ontogeny of NeuroDiversity

@ Centre of Brain and Cognitive Development, Birkbeck University of London

We work to understand the neurocognitive mechanisms that drive variability in the developmental trajectories of young children.

Taking a neurodiversity perspective and working with community stakeholders, we want to understand how we can support early development to help children reach their full potential across both high and low income settings.

To do this, our lab focuses on:

1) Developing scalable and reliable tools to map the developing brain in both lab, field and low and middle income settings (Arbaclofen Trial, Safe Passage, Braintools, EIRA and BRIGHT); 

2)  Using multiscalar longitudinal modelling to determine the neurocognitive pathways through which genetic variation produces developmental outcomes (Basis and GBasis, LEAP, STAARS);

3) Using real-time neuro-imaging and artificial intelligence to measure states of brain function and their modulation across cognitive space. (BONDS, EEG-on-the-go, TABS)