You can LOVE YOUR LIFE - by Healing from WITHIN

Traditionally, healing was to address the root cause of one's health concern and treat the body as a whole. There was no disconnect between the health of one's mind, emotions, mouth, digestive system, muscular system, and overall health of the body. Today, allopathic medicine treats only "the body", and psychology treats only "the mind", both fail to see the connection between the body's systems, thus never allowing for true, dynamic, cellular healing. These limiting practices of healing further disconnects the understanding of healing by compartmentalizing dentistry, dietetics, physical therapy and medical physicians, keeping them separate, only working on one dimension of an individual's health. This methodology of healing is a futile battle as it's always reacting to the body's symptoms rather than addressing the cause.

Trapped emotion manifests in the body as an imbalance that blocks the energetic flow in body's systems (nervous, digestive, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, circulatory, venous, endocrine system and chakras). There is a deep relationship between your emotional, mental and physical well being, that has an interconnected relationship to illnesses and tightness in your body such as your internal organs and your muscles.

What is Intercellular Healing?

ALL Intercellular Healing is a methodology of healing that uncovers the root cause of suffering (whether it’s physical, emotional or both) by releasing the trapped emotion and your “old story” from your internal organs and tissues. A "story" is what meaning you attach your life by that leads to illness, anxiety, stress, depression, aches, pains, injuries, infertility, headaches, fatigue, nervous breakdowns, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune diseases, the list goes on.

Through manual therapy, cranial and visceral massage, somatic movement therapy and meditative visualization and breath work, Ashley helps to re-write your “old story” to a “new story” while simultaneously realigning the organs and tissues for long term well-being and healing.

Intercellular Healing AWAKENS your own BODY'S ability to HEAL YOU.

Trauma is Stored within Your Organs & Tissues


Initial Assessment & Treatment

2.5 hours

Pelvic Floor, Diastasis, Postural + Injury Assessment


Intercellular Abdominal Massage


Lifestyle Guidance (Mindfulness, Nutrition, Daily Recommendations)

$500 for 2.5 hour initial assessment

Intercellular Abdominal Massage

90 Minute

Intercellular Abdominal Massage

with Herbal Infused Oils


Lifestyle Guidance (Mindfulness, Nutrition, Daily Recommendations)


Maya Abdominal Self-Care Instruction

$400 per 90 minute session

Yoni Steam & Herbal Healing Bath Combo

2.5 hours

The Yoni Steam Herbal bath is great for detoxification of the rectum which is helpful for issues related to constipation, hemorrhoids, impotence and emotional issues related to the pelvic floor (depression, anxiety, indigestion, fear, PTSD and more). For women, this combination is especially great for detoxification of your vagina, uterus and rectum. This is great for conditions such as: PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, painful periods, pelvic or abdominal pain and infertility, as well as all the benefits listed above.

Customized Yoni + Anal Steam


Healing Herbal Bath


Intercellular Manual Healing Session

$600 for 2.5 hour treatment

Specialized Workshops + Speaking Events

Customized Cooking Classes

2-2.5 hours

Empowered Cooking- know and understand all the ingredients in your foods.

Learn from International Holistic Chef, Chris Lewer on how to create delicious, wholesome meals made from scratch! Quick, Easy + Healthy meals that are healing, delicious and perfect for the whole family!

Nutritional Consult


Customized Cooking Classes - Created specifically for your goals! Learn traditional cooking styles formally and informally.

$650 for one person

$349 per person ( for two people)

$249 per person (for three or more people)

Professional Speaking Events

Interested in having us speak at your next event?

Have Ashley or Chris customize a private seminar for your group event.

Initial Consultation


Seminar Lecture


Follow Up Handouts + Notes

Contact for pricing.

Custom Intercellular Healing Retreats

Dive deep into your healing journey with a full immersion into Intercellular Healing with Ashley & Chris Lewer and learn how joy, tranquility & abundance can be your everyday.

Intercellular Abdominal Massage

with Herbal Infused Oils (Mornings)

Intercellular Guided Meditation (Daily)

Intercellular Abdominal Self-Care Massage Instruction

Herbal Steam & Healing Bath

Organic Cooking Classes

Guided Meditative Hike


Organic Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Tea & Evening Treat with Meditation Time included.

Enjoy your own private, eco-friendly lodging in the center of our retreat space for ultimate relaxation and connection to back to you.

*This lodging also supports a small local business who we love!

Each Intercellular Healing Retreat is customized to your specific needs, please contact for customized program and quote.

Healing Chronic Conditions with Intercellular Healing

Events and trauma can’t be merely healed through thought and talking alone. The memories of our trauma and trapped emotions are stored within our internal organs and tissue. Just like a boulder that disrupts the flow of a flowing river, a trapped emotion affects the flow of your body’s systems (lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, venous, musculoskeletal, endocrine and nervous systems). Unfortunately modern medicine treats only "the body", and psychology treats only "the mind", both fail to see the connection between the body's systems, thus never allowing for true, dynamic, cellular healing. True full body healing must address the organs and tissues that store the trauma within the body.

Intercellular Healing connects a bridge from the physical to the mental dimensions of disconnection and illness. This healing works to heal the root cause of the issue. Intercellular Healing works by manually releasing the trapped emotion stored within the tissues and organs through manual therapy and massage, while simultaneously connecting to the parasympathetic nervous system to rewrite a “new story”.

What Our Clients Say:

Shannon Potts, New Mother

Ashley is one of the most inspiring people that I’ve come across in my 37 years of being alive. And I don’t say this lightly. I went to Ashley tired, overweight, sad and hating my post baby body. When we met for our initial consultation, I could tell, almost within the first few minutes, that she could see ME and knew how to help me transform. By following her nutrition plan, I’ve never felt better internally. I literally went from feeling gross and sluggish to happy and full of energy. My skin has also improved! 4.5 months later, I’ve lost 29 inches, 30 lbs, and I have muscle tone popping all over my body. Trust me when I say that Ashley is worth every penny.


3 months after training with Ashley

AFTER just 7 months of working with Ashley

Gemma S, Make Up Artist

Such a great team! Inspiring, passionate and they really care about you and your bodies needs. I would recommend Ashley any day!

Laurie Ashley, Marketing Director

“When I first met Ashley I presented her with a problem..ME! I spent 4 hours a day in a car driving stick shift, 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, and I was in the beginning of the second trimester of my first pregnancy.

Being someone who likes to work out alone, I was very cautious of using a personal trainer. Ashley put any fears I had to rest right away. I began to have the most fun and effective workouts that I had in years. I remember at the beginning doing a posture analysis and thinking what is this going to do, but the tailored work out that followed has in many ways stuck with me for almost three years.

Thank you for helping me with the way that I approach all my workouts! Thank you for helping me realize that I have a posture to consider while carrying on my daily activities and when I work out.”

First Pregnancy

Second Pregnancy

Laurie After

Esther K, New Mother

BEFORE - (Left Photo) Esther 3 months post baby

AFTER - (Right Photo) Esther just 5 months after starting with Ashley

Brandon Storteboom, Student

Ashley Leong is phenomenal! She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, motivating and will strive to get you the results you desire.

I was unsure about how to properly take my first step towards a healthier lifestyle but Ashley made it easy to follow and has yielded great results so far! I highly recommend Ashley for fast results!

Michel Watson, Administrative Management

“I originally hired Ashley as my personal trainer to get in shape for my wedding. At that time I didn’t know a thing about working out and definitely did not feel comfortable in a gym. That is no longer the case. I’ve been married now for almost 4 years and to this day, hiring Ashley was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Not only have I made a great friend out of it but I’ve learned so much about my body and my lifestyle. Ashley has gone the extra mile to incorporate what exercises I like to do with what areas of my body I want to work on into a workout program that I never get bored with. There is never a cookie-cutter workout – every six weeks I come home with a brand new workout program specifically geared towards me! It’s this personal aspect of training with Ashley that makes her stand out above the rest.

I look at life and health differently now. I have lost over 20lbs, 10% body fat, and 48.5 inches, but most importantly my blood pressure is back to normal. When I first saw Ashley over 4 years ago, my blood pressure was a concern. Ashley showed me how to lower it naturally through diet and regular exercise.

I recommend Ashley to anyone who is serious about changing their life. Because she did just that for me!”

Julia H, Scientist

“I first started training with Ashley back in 2003. I had managed to gain about 60 pounds in the space of a year and was experiencing knee and back pain, as well as poor posture. I received a personalized weight training program to address my specific needs, as well as a cardio regimen and nutrition counselling. It didn’t take long before I lost the weight, significantly improved my posture, and the back and knee pain became practically non-existent. After an unrelated knee injury, Ashley designed a rehabilitation program and now my knees feel more stable and pain-free than they have in decades. Most recently, I trained with Ashley throughout my pregnancy. She was very knowledgeable regarding prenatal fitness and I went through my entire pregnancy with no backaches, joint pain, or “duck waddling” posture. Four weeks after the birth I was cleared by my doctor to begin seeing Ashley again. It didn’t take long for my abdominals and core to bounce back, even after having a caesarean section.

I have run the gamut with Ashley, from weight loss and toning, through knee surgery, and most recently pregnancy. Ashley is a perfect fit for me: she pushes without being pushy; she’s fun and friendly; and she really wants you to attain your fitness goals. I would highly recommend her to absolutely anyone, from a beginner to a star athlete!”

Jonathan Christian from We Make Stuff Happen

I have had the sad pleasure of having had three, no-fault, rear-end, whiplash injuries. I ended up with major neck surgery. Having had traditional post-op physio and massage therapy I was still struggling with so many things.

I met Ashley at a MYM Success training event. I was instantly impacted by her firm but friendly approach to fitness and nutrician. We met to discuss my medical history and personal fitness goals. By the end of our discovery session I was convinced! I finally have my own Personal Fitness Trainer!

Ashley has already helped fix injuries that were decades old. I have Titanium implants in my neck and a host of other legacy injuries. Within 6 weeks I’m pain free after a decade of pain! She’s helped me discover my core strength. I’m already down 8lbs and two belt notches.

I’ve committed to a 12 month program because I know I can’t do this alone. There is no greater investment I can make than in my own health and wellness.

Jonathan shortly after his C6-C7 titanium disc replacement surgery

Jonathan after training with Ashley to rehabilitate and "normalize" his body after his motor vehicle collision and neck surgery.

Parm Gill, Marathon Runner

“I started seeing Ashley first as she was the instructor to the ‘In the Ring’ boxing class that was offered at my local fitness centre. She was motivating in class & knew what she was talking about so I hired her as my personal trainer. I was looking to lose weight & gain muscle mass. She wrote specific programs for me, and told me what was good to eat and what wasn’t. By following her program, I achieved fast results and lost close to 30 lbs within the first couple of months. I enjoyed what Ashley taught me at our training sessions and how comfortable I was with her. She is great & taught me things that I will always remember.”

Richelle Green, Binibining (Miss) Philipinas of the World 2009

“I hired Ashley because I really needed to get in shape and toned for a pageant that was a couple months from when we first contacted her. I loved that I was so comfortable with her during our workouts (she’s one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve ever met) and managed to accommodate me, despite my busy schedule being a student. Ashley is an amazing trainer! She customized my workout to really concentrate on the areas that I specifically wanted changed about my body, giving me simple exercises that I couldn’t injure myself doing. After only about 2 months… it actually all worked! I won my pageant as Binibining (Miss) Pilipinas of the World 2009. Not only did I look better, but I felt great – all thanks to her!”


After just a couple months of training