Well executed volunteer workdays are essential for timely completion of the amphitheater project. We will complete the project section by section. Since the Camp is in constant year round use, Camp Master, Sonny Payne has asked that we only work on 1/4 of the Amphitheater at a time so the rest can continue to be used. When the first section is completed we will move on to begin and complete the next section. Volunteers will be given training before they begin work and will be supervised during work. Lunch will be provided for workers. Work parties will occur every two to three weeks.

The first works parties will get basic training and will be the core of future work parties. They will develop the methods, techniques and systems for the rest of the project. To assure that the Camp can still function around us, we will make sure that the volunteers know their jobs so that we work efficiently, safely and get the job done with as little disturbance as possible.

Safety is our primary focus. Sections of the amphitheater that are under construction will be taped off and only authorized workers will be allowed inside those areas until they are completed. Any children who accompany workers to the camp must not only stay out of the work areas, but must also be supervised by an adult.

Work days shall be organized in progressive rotations of synchronized jobs. Cycles of these jobs will reoccur as we progress through each section. A general description of job-types that occur in each cycle is as follows:

Job #1: Create retainers for work materials.

  • Set up orange fencing and caution-tape.

  • Create troughs for materials.

  • Bring in materials and protect materials.

Six volunteers needed.

Job #2: Dig precise trenches.

  • Move dirt and rocks.

  • Set rocks.

  • Set drainage.

  • Replace two-rows of seats with precision.

  • Special swat teams will remove roots and burls as needed.

Job #3: Mini work-teams will start and complete more rows of seats.

  • Move dirt and rocks downhill.

  • Place pipes under coordinated supervision.

  • Set blocks.

  • Complete the 1st set of seat-rows.

Twenty volunteers needed.

Job #4: Build and prepare steps for installation.

  • Install drainage pipe and conduit. This completes the first repeating cycle.

Twenty volunteers needed.