The Project

The Project


When Bob Keller died last year, three memorials were held there in his honor. Hundreds of people, representing the thousands that he touched, paid their respects and told stories of his kind and knowledgeable service.

Gene Frost, a good friend of Bob’s and a long time supporter of the Scouts and the Boulder Creek Reservation in particular, proposed rebuilding the Amphitheater to Legacy Men’s Division to honor him. The Men of Legacy enthusiastically took up the project and have been working to make it happen ever since. All who have learned of the project have offered their support and willingness to participate.

It’s now time to assemble the materials, form the work parties and get it done!

Project Scope

The old Amphitheater at the Boulder Creek Scout Reservation in Boulder Creek, CA, has served the Scouts and community for so long that it’s hard to determine exactly when it was built. The years have taken their toll and now it’s time to rebuild it, better than before.

Our purpose is to recreate the Amphitheater in a more lasting form that will meet the needs and expectations of the Scouts and the Community that it has well-served for so many years. The amphitheater will be renewed with better lighting, sound and handrails. It will also be restored in a safer and more accessible form that can be more easily maintained and repaired when needed.

We have drawn new plans and worked with the County of Santa Cruz to meet their requirements. Our team has developed materials lists, planned organized work days with safety procedures and made presentations to various interested organizations. Our project is being assisted by a 501(c)3 non-profit “Mentoring Men to Lead” to enable tax-deductible contributions for this project.

You will see from the perspective sketch of the renewed Amphitheater that we will also be adding a storage room with a covered deck as the finishing touch. The intent of this is to safely house the new equipment and provide for those who cannot use the steps, they will have a great view.

When we are done, we, the Community of Bob Keller, will have a Dedication Ceremony and party to celebrate all that he stood for and gave, and we will be proud that we were all able to give something back.