ABstracts - Outreach Video Showcase

Abstracts for the Outreach Video Showcase, shown during BMC BAMC 2021 are listed alphabetically.

Abstracts are available to download here.

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Shazia Ahmed (Glasgow)

Spinning a Yarn About Hidden Mathematics

Calling all knitters! Join the University of Glasgow for a live, mathematical-inspired knitting session. Help contribute to our banner for ‘Maths Week Scotland’ by knitting letters and other mathematical symbols.

After signing up, you’ll be posted a free knitting kit including yarn and pattern charts to enable your participation. This event will be delivered online, on Zoom. You will be emailed joining instructions in advance of the event.

Video is available here

Katie Chicot (Maths World UK)

Maths World UK

Maths World UK is aiming to establish the UK's first National Mathematics Discovery Centre.

There is at present no dedicated place in the United Kingdom where you can go to experience the full joy, wonder and power of mathematics.

The Discovery Centre will excite the imagination by encouraging interaction with mathematical objects and images. These will stimulate mathematical thinking in unusual ways that make it possible to appreciate the beauty, ingenuity, applicability and importance of Mathematics. It will include fun problems and puzzles to engage its full range of visitors. View our short video making the case for the Discovery Centre.

Further information: www.mathsworlduk.com

Video is available here

Samantha Durbin (Royal Institution)

Royal Institution Masterclasses

Royal Institution Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Masterclasses are hands-on and interactive extracurricular sessions led by top experts from academia and industry for keen and talented young people all around the UK.

The Royal Institution Masterclass programme opens young people’s eyes to the diversity of mathematics, engineering and computer science. Through series of hands-on extra-curricular workshops, students all over the UK meet to explore these subjects in new and exciting ways.

Our Masterclasses are led by inspiring workshop leaders, known as speakers, who come from a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) backgrounds. Our speakers share their enthusiasm and experience with the students, nurturing their curiosity. The programme allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the scope, creativity, relevance and potential applications of these far-reaching subjects.

Throughout a Masterclass series, students meet a range of speakers and volunteer helpers, giving them insight into possible careers and helping them to see that the STEM subjects are for everyone. We aim to inspire students to continue their interest and engagement into the future.

We have networks of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Masterclass series at both primary and secondary level. All over the UK, we work with dedicated contributors who take on a variety of roles to make Masterclasses happen in their area.

Further details: www.rigb.org/education/masterclasses/

Video is available here

Samantha Durbin (Royal Institution)

Talking Maths in Public

Talking Maths in Public is a conference which runs in the UK every two years, for people who work in, or otherwise participate in, communicating mathematics to the public. The event is independently organised, and funded by ticket sales and grants from mathematical institutions. Our events in 2017 and 2019 both fully sold out and were highly rated by attendees.

TMiP is run by an independent committee of people who work in different areas of maths communication, and the event includes workshops provided by expert guests, discussions on varied topics, networking sessions and chances to share ideas and showcase projects.

TMiP 2021 will be held online 25th-28st August 2021, hosted by ICMS Edinburgh

For more details: www.talkingmathsinpublic.uk

Rob Eastaway (Maths Inspiration)

Maths Inspiration

Maths Inspiration is a national programme of interactive maths lecture shows for teenagers. We give 14-17 year olds a chance to experience the UK's most inspiring maths speakers presenting mathematics live in the context of exciting, real-world applications. Our shows are exceptional value for money.

We usually hold our events in theatres. However, with the restrictions of Covid-19, we will be doing live 'shows' online until theatres re-open. We still hope to be back in theatres in the autumn of 2021 - and maybe sooner.

Maths Inspiration began in 2004. Since then over 150,000 teenagers have attended our shows making us one of the largest and most successful maths enrichment programmes in the UK.

Rob has been Director of Maths Inspiration since it began in 2004. He is an author whose books on everyday maths include the bestselling Why Do Buses Come In Threes? and Maths On the Back of an Envelope. He is the puzzle adviser for New Scientist magazine, and often appears on BBC Radio 4 and 5 Live to talk about the maths of everyday life.

Further information: mathsinspiration.com

Video is available here

Ben Goddard, Francisca Iezzi, Mary O'Brien (Edinburgh)

Virtual Maths Circles: helping young people to think like mathematicians

The Edinburgh Maths Circles are sessions for children aged 5–16 and their family, run by the University of Edinburgh. The aim is helping children to behave like little mathematicians as they approach and explore open-ended questions (most of which courtesy of nRich: nrich.maths.org/).

In the period 2016–19 Maths Circles were face-to-face drop-in sessions with a free structure. Children were able to tackle whichever problems they liked, at their own pace. University staff and students were at hand to help. Each session would attract an average of 250 visitors.

With the outbreak of Covid 19, we faced the challenge of restructuring the event to make it suitable to run virtually, while remaining faithful to our goals. Now, our Virtual Maths Circles take place every month, with an average of 120 families attending each event, and very positive feedback from participants.

To reach out to people from different backgrounds, we are also running workshops for schoolteachers and community workers, where we share ideas and resources, to empower participants to set up their own Maths Circles. So far more than 400 schoolteachers took part in our workshops, and we have visited many Scottish schools and local libraries.

Watch the video to find out more.

For further information about the University of Edinburgh Maths Outreach program, please visit: www.maths.ed.ac.uk/school-of-mathematics/outreach For further information about Maths Circles please visit: www.maths.ed.ac.uk/school-of-mathematics/outreach/maths-circle

Video is available here

James Grime (Freelance Public Speaker)

How I got started as a public speaker

Mathematician, lecturer, public speaker. A riddle wrapped in a mystery stood next to an Enigma.

In this video, James reveals how he began his career as a public speaker who shares his passion for mathematics in schools, universities, festivals, and through YouTube. Gain valuable insights to turn your mathematical passion into public engagement.

Until early 2020, James could be found touring the world giving public talks. Learn how his projects have evolved in recent times, and thoughts on how they might continue.

Truly essential viewing for anyone with an interest in engaging the public with mathematics.

Further information about James: www.singingbanana.com/

Video is available here

Aileen Hamilton (STEM Ambassadors in Scotland)

STEM Ambassadors Programme

STEM Ambassador Programme: life-changing impact for young people, delivered by STEM professionals in classrooms and communities.

STEM subjects are brought to life by over 30,000 volunteers, available across the UK, all free of charge. Inspiring communicators and relatable role models, they are here to help now, by connecting online. Aspirations raised, careers illuminated and learning supported.

Learn more about the STEM Ambassadors through this video. To become one or support our inspiring programme, visit www.stem.org.uk/stem-ambassadors/local-stem-ambassador-hubs

Video is available here

Lewis Hou (Science Ceilidh)

Science Ceilidh

The Science Ceilidh is an award-winning organisation connecting creativity, culture, STEM, research and health and wellbeing with and by community groups, libraries, youth clubs and schools across Scotland.

We are wee, but have a big vision to support a Scotland where everyone is empowered to explore, play, experiment, develop and apply their creativity, skills and curiosity to bring about positive and sustainable change, learning, connectedness, kindness and joy in their communities.

• How are maths and creativity connected? Maths Week Scotland with Science Ceilidh

• How many symmetries are in dances? Maths Week Scotland with Science Ceilidh

Further information: www.scienceceilidh.com/

Video is available here

Cindy Lawrence, Tim Nissen (MoMath)

National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath), New York

Mathematics illuminates the patterns that abound in our world. The National Museum of Mathematics strives to enhance public understanding and perception of mathematics. Its dynamic exhibits and programs stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the wonders of mathematics. The Museum’s activities lead a broad and diverse audience to understand the evolving, creative, human, and aesthetic nature of mathematics.

The National Museum of Mathematics began in response to the closing of a small museum of mathematics on Long Island, the Goudreau Museum. A group of interested parties (the “working group”) met in August 2008 to explore the creation of a new museum of mathematics — one that would go well beyond the Goudreau in both its scope and methodology. The group quickly discovered that there was no museum of mathematics in the United States, and yet there was incredible demand for hands-on math programming.

Accomplishments to date include: opening Manhattan’s only hands-on science center, welcoming more than one million visitors; creating the popular Math Midway exhibition, which has delighted millions of visitors at museums throughout the United States and internationally; leading math tours in various U.S. cities; running dozens of Math Encounters and Family Fridays events; delivering a broad array of diverse and engaging programs for students, teachers, and the public to increase appreciation of mathematics; and creating the largest public outdoor demonstration of the Pythagorean Theorem ever.

Further details: momath.org/

Video is available here

Kitty Meeks (Glasgow)

Graph Theory on the Farm

Graph Theory on the Farm is a collection of resources designed to introduce topics from discrete maths to groups of all ages through interactive farmyard-themed activities and games. In the video I discuss some of the motivation behind the concept, as well as my experiences of working with two undergraduate students to produce the resources. More information – and the resources themselves – are available at dcs.gla.ac.uk/~kitty/GTotF.

Video is available here

Katie Oldfield (National Museums Scotland)

Maths Week Scotland

Maths Week Scotland is a week of events and activity, with special events throughout the year. Now in its fifth successful year, Maths Week Scotland will take place 27 September - 3 October 2021.

Maths Week Scotland is for everyone! We believe in creating opportunities to experience maths as relatable, exciting and relevant. Events take place all across Scotland for families, adults and schools during Maths Week Scotland.

See our highlights of Maths Week Scotland 2020 in this blog post www.mathsweek.scot/news/our-maths-week-scotland-2020-highlights including maths in nature, Olympic athletes, competitions, and puppies wearing badges.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved with Maths Week Scotland. First way is to contact the engagement representative at your department or university. We work with most universities in Scotland already and they will know of ways to get involved not just during the week itself but year round. If you aren’t sure who that is then contact info@mathsweek.scot This year we also have some training available for staff, post graduate students and third year and above undergraduate students. Again contact info@mathsweek.scot to find out more. Closing date for applications is 8 April. You can find out more about Maths Week Scotland at www.mathsweek.scot or follow us on Twitter [@MathsWeekScot](https://twitter.com/MathsWeekScot)

Video is available here

Angela Tabiri (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Ghana)

Femafricmaths: Female African Mathematicians

We are a network of female African mathematicians transforming Africa with mathematics. At Femafricmaths, we interview Female African Mathematicians to highlight the different career options available when you study mathematics. Our videos are available on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages. We also promote the study of mathematics in primary and secondary schools. This comes under the Y3p3maths project which involves volunteers teaching mathematics in person or online. The goal is to support students to study, understand and apply mathematics. Videos of lessons covered during Y3p3maths are available on the Femafricmaths Facebook and YouTube pages. What course do you need to study in order to become an astronaut? Our mentoring for senior high school girls provides guidance to female students on subject to choose when they go to the university. Mathsqueens will be available online to share their career journey with the young girls to guide them in their choice of courses and careers. Our mission is to inspire young people about the diverse career choices available after completing a degree in mathematics through interviews with #mathsqueens and school outreach activities. Our vision is to see young girls become confident to choose a career in mathematics related fields.

Twitter: [@FemAfricMaths](https://twitter.com/femafricmaths)

Video is available here

Alan Walker (University of the West of Scotland)

Mathématiques sans Frontières

Mathématiques sans Frontières is an international mathematical competition for school children, centrally organised by the Académie de Strasbourg. It aims to promote mathematics, teamwork, and the practice of a foreign language. Presently, the competition has a good take-up in Scotland, with academics from the University of the West of Scotland organising the UK-side of the competition.

I’d like to expand interest in the competition. If you’d like to help promote the competition in Scotland, get involved with translation and/or marking, or if you’d like to organise the competition in other parts of the UK, or in the Republic of Ireland, then please do get in touch.

Video is available here

Andrew Wilson (Glasgow)

maths inside Photo Competition

From Barra to Banff, Arran to Aberdeen, Kirkwall to Kilmarnock, and Skye to Scourie, the maths inside photo competition continues to succeed in engaging the entire nation in mathematics.

Launched back in 2018 to celebrate the Scottish Government initiative ‘Maths Week Scotland’, this transdisciplinary competition hosted by the University of Glasgow School of Mathematics & Statistics provides a framework for everyone to identify and reflect on the maths surrounding us: the maths inside.

In addition to the regular competition during Maths Week Scotland, maths inside came together with the Scottish Government and celebrated a Special Summer 2020 Edition to support families and communities during lockdown. This challenging 2020 has seen around 600 photo entries, and a further 470 screens attending the virtual prize ceremonies hosted by founder and director, Dr Andrew Wilson, who commented that:

"It is enormously rewarding. Year on year we are seeing all ages and backgrounds connect through shared positive mathematical experiences, exciting and challenging learning, phenomenal curiosity and artistic talent!"

To inspire entrants, and support parents, teachers and those out-of-school on their journeys of discovery, a suite of resources was also created in a collaborative project with undergraduate and postgraduate students during the first lockdown.

Enjoy the mathematical insights and beautiful images of the winners for yourself at mathsinside.com. Keep up-to-date with future editions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Experience the competition impact mathsinside.com/impact/

Video is available here