Abstracts - Lunchtime ACTIVITIES

In addition to the poster session, there are a series of activities which will run over the lunchtime breaks. Delegates should factor these in to their plans. Details, venue and timings are provided below.

Outreach Video Showcase

A series of 5 minute outreach lightning talks videos are available. These 5 minute videos are exemplars of successful impactful outreach projects. Come and speak to the presenters during the lunchtime poster sessions.

Abstracts for the individual videos are provided here.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Glasgow, 12.30-14.00

Maplesoft Demo

Maple: Maths Software for Teaching, Learning and Research

Not used Maple before and interested in finding out what it can do for you? Are you a long time Maple user but curious about the many new features we've added in the past few years? Come and join us for demo to get a look at the capabilities of the latest version, plus a tour of the Maple Calculator app, and the newly released Maple Learn, a dynamic online environment designed specifically for teaching and learning maths from secondary school to early university.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Glasgow 1, 13.30-14.00

Springer Lunchtime Talk

SUMS 100

SUMS, the most British of Springer’s book series, is about to publish its 100th book. To commemorate this milestone, join us for a live presentation with special guests Mark Chaplain (St Andrews), Tom Ward (Leeds) and Jeremy Gray (Open U/Warwick).

Wednesday, Glasgow 2, 13.00-13.30

Panel Discussion - Public Engagement and Outreach

Engaging the public: exploring the why and the how of communicating mathematics

"A mathematical theory is not to be considered complete until you have made it so clear that you can explain it to the first man whom you meet on the street." — David Hilbert, 1900 International Congress of Mathematicians in Paris

This panel will discuss examples of collaborative and positive working-relationships with the public. Join this conversation if you are interested in nurturing the enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation of the mathematical sciences through the development of outreach projects.

On our panel we are delighted to confirm

  • Prof. Chris Budd, Professor of Applied Mathematics, Director of the Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics, Director of Knowledge Exchange at the Institute for Mathematical Innovation, University of Bath

  • Dr Katie Chicot, Senior Lecturer at the Open University and CEO Maths World UK

  • Samantha Durbin, Clothworkers’ Associate in Mathematics, Royal Institution; Talking Maths in Public Committee Member

  • Dr Zara Gladman, University of Glasgow Public & Community Engagement Advisor

  • Cindy Lawrence, Executive Director and CEO, National Museum of Mathematics

  • Tim Nissen, Associate Director and Chief of Design, National Museum of Mathematics

The session will be hosted by Dr Andrew Wilson, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow & Director of the maths inside photo competition.

(*) Paraphrasing Joseph Diaz Gergonne (1825) [J. Barrow-Green and R. Siegmund-Schultze Hist. Math. 43, 415–426; 2016]

Wednesday, Clyde 1-5, 13.00-14.00

EPSRC Q&A Session

Fireside Chat

Informal discussion forum with Katie Blaney (Head of Mathematical Sciences, EPSRC) and Jonathan Dawes (Chair of the Mathematical Sciences Strategic Advisory Team). This session will be chaired by Beatrice Pelloni (Heriot-Watt). Attendees will be invited to ask questions and join the discussion.

Wednesday, Bute 1-5, 13.00-14.00



BMC AGM chaired by Sarah Rees (Newcastle)

Thursday, Bute 3, 13.50-14.00