Camp Summit

Every Year Blueprint4Summer hosts an Annual Camp Summit to provide programs with resources, data and other valuable ifnormation to help you all plan for Summer.  This page holds all of the resources and recordings from our recorded Summits! 

Camp Summit 2023

2023 Camp Summit Presentation .pdf

2023 Camp Summit Presentation

This is the main presentation from our Summit!  Breakout presentations are shared below! 

Zip Code Workbook 2023.xlsx

2023 Data Anlysis workbook

This workbook highlights not only what parents were searching for per zipcode but also what camps are located in each zip code by type! 

Circus Teaches the Art of Life 2023.pptx

Social Emotional Learning Through Circus Arts

Circus Harmony

BluePrint LtP Maryville 2023.pptx

Playing To Learn - STEM

Maryville university

Blueprint4 Summer Keynote-Jamison 9.2023.pdf

Keynote Presentation

Dr. Jamison

Nine PBS - Blueprint4 Summit Presentation.pdf

Drawn In

Nine PBS 

Collaborating & Partnering for Smaller Organizations with Outstanding Outcomes 9.18.23.pptx

Collaborating & Partnering for Smaller Organizations


2023-2024 School District Dates

2023-2024 School District Dates

Camp Summit 2022

2022 Camp Summit Presentation- FINAL.pdf

Camp Summit Presentation

This is the full presentation slides from our 2022 Camp Summit. If you would like this presentation or anyone of the data slides in a different format, reach out to

The Actual Final Summer 2022 Zip Code Workbook.xlsx

2022 Data Analysis Workbook

This is a large document that outlines every zip code that was listed on Blueprint4Summer this past year.  Each tabhighlights what programs were availbale and what parents searched for in that zip code

2022-2023 School District Dates.xltx

2022-2023 School District dates

This document shows all the start, end, spring, and winter breaks for school districts in the region!

Field Trips at a Glance.docx

FIeld Trip List in Word

Here is a Word list of local field trips for your organization.  They are color coded at the top and have more information beneath.

Field Trip Information Sheet 2022.xlsx

Field Trip List in Excel

This is the same field trip list, simply in Excel if that works better for you!

Camp Summit 2021 Recordings

STEMSTL, Resources, Top 20-40 camps.mp4

STEMSTL Community of Practice Info, Top 20/40 Camp Awards

Camp Summit 2021 Presentations

Infusing Summer Literacy Blueprint Presentation 9.30.2021 FINAL.pptx
2021 Camp Summit.pdf
Summit chat.docx

Camp Summit 2020 Sessions

Summit Welcome and Antiracism Workshop

Report Backs - Summer 2020 Discussion Groups.mp4

Camp 2020 Experience Shareouts

Partner Update-STEMSTL.mp4

STEMSTL Partner update and Blueprint4STEM Announcement

THank YOu Video

Camp Summit Thank You video.mp4