Call for Entries! Extended Deadline for Entry Submission is May 10, 2019

*See the updated/simplified registration process. Sign up now, and then work on and complete your miniature garden by the celebration event on May 19, 2019.



The Community In Bloom Contest (“Contest”) is one exciting part of the Community In Bloom Program that promotes creativity, community connections and environmental education through making and exhibiting creative miniature gardens. The Contest is to engage our community to create miniature gardens that highlight cultures, arts, sciences, humanities, literature, innovations or inspirations. Make your own miniature garden as it relates to the 2019 Theme – Planting A Dream.


The Contest encourages creativity, reuse and hands-on learning, while inspiring community pride and involvement in making our community a more beautiful place. This may become a fun project for individuals, families and/or friends, to explore and find natural picks and twigs and some forgotten “trash or treasures” around the house they can reuse and repurpose for artistic expression in their miniature gardening works. Just let your imagination flourish!
The celebration will take place at BLOOM FEST in Downtown Chapel Hill on May 19, 2019. The entries will be displayed at Bloom Fest. The goal is to showcase and celebrate these unique collections of individual miniature gardens, which together reflect our community and its diverse strengths and heritages.


Individual, family and group entries are ALL welcomed, but each entry form must be submitted by a responsible adult as “Entrant” representing the participant(s). This Contest is designed to engage broader community participation, so less rules, more fun.


This Contest is organized by We Sense in partnership with the Public School Foundation. We Sense is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Chapel Hill (


Please complete and submit the Contest Entry Form by the deadline.Contestants will present the productions of their entries to be judged at Bloom Fest. Winners will be chosen and announced at Bloom Fest.
Event: Bloom FestEvent Date/Time: May 19, 2019, Sunday 1-6 pm (Contestants need to check in by 12pm)Event Place: 140 West Franklin Street Plaza in Downtown Chapel Hill. Church Street between Rosemary and Franklin will be closed for the event.Awards will be announced on stage at around 4:20pm.


March 15 – Registration opensMay 10DUE DATE for submitting entries for the ContestMay 15 – Notification to contestants about the event day logisticsMay 19SAVE THE DATE!!! ALL are welcomed to join the community celebration at Bloom Fest. Contestants will present their entries at Bloom Fest to compete for awards.


We look forward to a wonderful showcase and celebration at Bloom Fest. Three winning entries will be awarded:Community Highlight AwardCreativity AwardEnvironmental Inspiration Award
Each winning entry will be awarded with $100 gift card. All decisions are final.

HOW TO ENTER (Updated)

1. Complete and Submit the Entry Form by May 10, 2019. For any group entry, the form should be completed by one responsible adult Entrant representing the group. For participants age 18 or younger, parents/legal guardians need to consent and submit the Entry Form.
2. Production Guidelines:2.1 Each entry production must not exceed 30 inch in height, width and length, respectively, with weight no more than 80 pounds. Both natural and artificial materials can be used for decorations, but natural plants, recycled materials and hand-crafted production are encouraged.
2.2 Each entry must contain an “artist statement” in no more than 250 words. Each artist statement must describe: the production concept/story (how it relates to the theme), creative and technical features, and environmental elements.
2.3 Each entry must provide a title, a list of all participants (and schools attended if applicable) AND the artist statement. Please ensure that all entry contents/productions are friendly and safe to community and children.
3. Donation Option - If any Entrant is interested in donating the entry/miniature garden for auction at Bloom Fest, with all proceeds to go to the Public School Foundation to support our schools or go to a specifically designated school, please check the applicable box in the Entry Form.
4. General Terms and Conditions:4.1 All participants must abide by the rules and guidance of the organizer as may be informed and updated concerning the event. Participants must ensure that their works do not cause any infringement or damage, and will keep the organizer indemnified from any liability with respect to their participation.4.2 The organizer, its sponsors, directors and volunteers have the irrevocable right to exploit (and the right to authorize others to use) the information and images of the entry works, participants and artist statements and the images produced during the event and Bloom Fest in any outreach, marketing or communication effort, via any media and material.4.3 The organizer, its sponsors, directors and volunteers are not responsible for theft, damage or any liability. Finalists are encouraged to stay throughout the event to safeguard their works and interact with event audience.4.4 The organizer reserves the right to assign displays, setup and arrangement and, if concerned, exclude any entry not proper for display at the event.

To enter the Community In Bloom Contest, please complete and submit the CONTEST ENTRY FORM.

For all questions or inquiries related to the Contest, please email: