This year we're doing a mix of developer talks on both core and advanced topics for Blockly, presented both by members of our team and the community. These talks will be recorded and published after the summit.

There will also be an additional room on the second day for anyone who wants to take a break from talks to chat or workshop on projects before the Hackathon.


Welcome - Erik Pasternak

What's new in Blockly - Monica Kozbial

Where are we going? - Erik Pasternak

Rendering - Rachel Fenichel

Keyboard Navigation - Abby Schmiedt

Custom Fields - Beka Westberg

Asynchronicity in Blockly Codegen - Mark Friedman

Exploring Blockly Performance: Case Studies in MIT App Inventor - Evan Patton

Realtime Collaboration with Blockly: Experiences with MIT App Inventor - Evan Patton

Adventures in type checking - Mark Gibson

Blocks for CS Undergrads? - Pedro Guillermo Feijóo-García

MakeCode Block Design - Jacqueline Russell & Shannon Kao

Block Debugger - Jacqueline Russell & Shannon Kao

Making Blockly Accessible for People with Visual Impairments - Aboubakar Mountapmbeme


Social time

Q&A Panel

Lightning Talks & Demos

Table Topics

Theming workshop - Abby Schmiedt

Bundling with npm workshop - Sam El-Husseini


Full schedule

Blockly Summit 2019 Schedule