I am an Associate Professor in the Deparment of Economics at Sao Paulo School of Economics-FGV. I am also an Invited Researcher at the JOI Brazil (J-PAL LAC).  

My research focuses on topics in labor economics, health economics and applied microeconomics.  

I can be contacted at blacaber8@hotmail.com   

Curriculum Vitae (here) 

Research Papers 

Expertise Overlap and Team Productivity: Evidence from the Hospital Industry (with Danyelle Branco, Di Fang and Wilman Iglesias) April 2024

Routine-Biased Technological Change and Endogenous Skill Investments (with Danyelle Branco and Wilman Iglesias) April 2024

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, conditionally accepted

Minimum Wages and the Human Capital of the Next Generation (with Daniel Araujo, Wilman Iglesias, and Breno Sampaio) December 2023

Economic Journal, revise and resubmit

Economic Production and the Persistence of Supernatural Beliefs, (with Daniel Araujo and Breno Sampaio)  September 2023

Low Birth Weight and Infant Mortality: Lessons from Brazil, (with Jose Féres) June 2017

Economic Shocks and Infant Health: Evidence from a Trade Reform in Brazil Trade (with Danyelle Branco and Carlos Charris) May 2023 

Journal of Development of Economics, accepted

Moved to Poverty? A Legacy of Apartheid in South Africa, (with Carlos Charris and Wilman Iglesias), [Online_Appendix]

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2023

The Long-Run Economic Consequences of Iodine Supplementation, (with Daniel Araujo and Breno Sampaio

 Journal of Health Economics, 2021

Present Bias and Underinvestment in Education? Long-run Effects of Childhood Exposure to Booms in Colombia, [LACEA Working Paper], 

Journal of Labor Economics, 2020,

Provider Supply, Utilization, and Infant Health: Evidence from a Physician Distribution Policy (with Jose Feres) [Online_Appendix], [Replication Files], [HEDG Working Paper]

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2019

Early Rainfall Shocks and Later-Life Outcomes: Evidence from Colombia, [HEDG Working Paper],

The World Bank Economic Review, 2019

The Externalities of a Deforestation Control Policy in Infant Health: Evidence from Brazil (with Danyelle Branco, João Lima and Juan C. Trujillo). [HEDG Working Paper]

Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2019

Work in Progress

Workplace and Worker Productivity, (with Danyelle Branco)

Sources of Variation in Healthcare Spending: The Role of Managers, (with Danyelle Branco)

Other Writings 

Avoidable Environmental Disasters and Infant Health: Evidence from a Mining Dam Collapse in Brazil, (with Daniel Da Mata, Lucas Emanuel, Daniel Lopes and Breno Sampaio)

Health Economics, 2021

Attainments and Limitations of an Early Childhood Programme in Colombia, (with Juan Trujillo, and Wilman Iglesias)

Health Policy and Planning, 2014

Relationship between Professional Antenatal Care and Facility Delivery: an Assessment of Colombia (with Juan Trujillo, and Wilman Iglesias),

Health Policy and Planning, 2014

Policy Briefs

Reincidencia Criminal no Brasil (In Portuguese)

Departamento Penitenciario Nacional, 2022 

Mayor Oferta de Medicos Necesariamente Mejora Salud Publica? El Caso del Programa Mas Medicos de Brasi  (In Spanish)

Foco Economico, 2021 

Chapter Books

O Metodo Diferenças-em-Diferenças, (with Danyelle Branco). In A Avaliação de Impacto das políticas de Saude: Uma Guia para o SUS

Ministerio de Saude, Forthcoming