"I've been playing in Black Shield Productions' games and attending their events since 2013, and I am always floored by the amount of work and energy that they put into their games. Not only are they fantastic game masters, but are genuinely some of the nicest and well humored group of people I've ever known. I hope that there are more games, and many more memories to make with these goofballs in the near future." -Andrew Martinez

"Black Shield Productions runs games where every player can make a difference and be a part of a larger story, if they wish. I have taken pregenerated characters and been able to make them my own and run them in ways the GMs may not have expected. Their flexibility makes the games awesome." - Jennifer Keith

"Black Shield Productions introduced me to a world of gaming I never knew existed. The first event I attended was the GFGR 2017, and I couldn’t fathom the amount of work, effort, and energy they must have put into their games. I have no other comparison but if they were phoning it in, or half winging it, it didn’t show. I can’t wait to attend the next event!" -Jase Foley

"Thank you. You folks bring a lot of entertainment to a lot of our members. Gaming really wouldn't be the same without you." - Joe Taylor, MisCon

"I have played in several Black Shield run games. Every time I was greeted warmly and welcomed in to the games having no prior experience with the system. But it's not the mechanics of the games or even the production quality of the accessories with the games. It's the people of Black Shield working diligently to provide a fun and rewarding experience. That is what makes their games so great! My first game involving Black Shield was based on the Fate system and was about a rock band battling super natural forces for the fate of the world. I have played RP'S for the better part of 20+ years. The experience Black Shield provided with that game transported me back to my first years of gaming and just how much fun an RPG can be. After that game, I tried to play in every Black Shield game I could the rest of the weekend at the Con.

Not only for myself, but any gamer in the Northwest of the country knows Black Shield is the best in gaming. " -Bryan Wolfe

"I've been playing Black Shield games since their onset. My most recent attempt with them: Banjo the Janitor plunging the toilet of Hell. " -David Poelman

"Thank you for consistently providing not only fantastic gaming experiences, but opportunities for players to grow." - Tommy Williams

"I never used to game much at conventions, always too busy running around trying to find the next big thing to. I still do that too, unless Black Shield is there. Then I'm glued to their tables, playing some of my most memorable characters in some of the most memorable games I've been in. They've become some of my all time favorite GMs, and my favorite people too" - Aaron Halverson

"The world cannot be a perfect place. When I need a temporary break from the chaos of daily life, I can count on the staff at Black Shield to provide me with a perfect distraction of a more perfect world than the one we live in. Their role-playing is filled with energy and love, from the moment you arrive at their table, until the moment you have to return to daily life. "

-Bill Genzoli

"You all rock! I has a blast in Grimm Land!" - Natalie Rogers

"Let's keep this simple. Black Shield has some of the best GMs I've ever had the pleasure to play with, and have an amazing community, and the GMs can be great friends too. After many games you start to learn each GM and what they do. It's amazingly fun and something I think anyone, whether a gaming fan or not, should do." -Aydan MacKay

"I have been gaming with Black Shield GM's for close to 13 years, they have helped build my love of gaming and the con scene, I enjoy every moment I get to play in their games. They are valuable and amazing members of any con." -Torin Kuether

"To me, Black Shield Productions is an automatic stamp of excellence on any convention, big or small. Through a strong and welcoming community, Black Shield's crew and the "regulars" that follow them to each convention ensure that all players, young and old, experienced and new, have an excellent time. Every single Black Shield game I have joined has been a magnificent experience with some of the most intense, clever and downright hilarious roleplay and associated problem solving I've ever experienced.I have been honored to be a part of many of their games over the years and I hope to continue for many to come. Thank you Black Shield, it's been a grand ole' time." - David Yake