For Players. . .

  • Private role-playing with existing or custom events, starting at $100.
  • Mini-campaigns (3-5 sessions) starting at $200.
  • Custom live-action events for large parties, special get togethers, or that gaming family reunion. Prices negotiable.

For Conventions. . .

  • Continuous role-playing events (ConGames) spanning the entirety of the convention available for anyone to come and play in for as long (or short) as they want. A great way for new players to experience role-playing, and experienced players to fill gaps between games.
  • A huge selection of unique convention events in any genre, system, or theme.
  • Live action theater events for any number of people.

For Companies. . .

  • Playtesting by experienced GMs focusing on maximizing fun at the RPG table. Packages start at $800, and include professional feedback on theme, mechanics, and playability.
  • Product demos at conventions, including ConGames and custom RPG events. Individual events for as low as $100. Full Convention Packages start at $500.

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