Black Cat SteadiStrap

Have you ever felt like you needed just a bit more stability? Taking pictures without a SteadiStrap is like trying to draw a straight line without a ruler. It's physically impossible to hold cameras and binoculars steady with two hands. Natural' movements of the body keep your equipment in constant motion, lowering the clarity and sharpness of your image. How does the SteadiStrap work? Physics. By Pulling against the anchored strap, tension "lock" your joints. Body and strap are triangulated resulting in a remarkably steady image. Quick and Easy Steps Open your hand, thumb up. Slide your hand into the large loop until the strap touches your thumb. Grasp your camera or binoculars with both hands and allow the bottom of the strap to drop to the ground. Raise or lower the strap to a comfortable viewing height and step on the strap to hold it in place. Lightly pull up on the strap to create a slight but constant tension. When using binoculars, place inside loop. For best results place your feet slightly apart with one foot ahead of the other. When possible kneel down or lean against an object such as a post or a wall.