Black Cat Extended Range Exposure Guide

The Black Cat Extended Range Exposure Guide is comprehensive and easy to use. It is being used by amateur and professional photographers world-wide who are using digital and film.

The following comments relate to the digital use of the guide:

Taking photographs with a digital camera or on film requires getting the correct exposure. If you don’t get this right you will be wasting your time. When shooting film or digital, the same rules and principles of light, speed, aperture and film speed (ISO) still apply. I call this the exposure tetrad.

Many photographers assume that exposure is not a problem with digital since your results can be seen quickly. While this is an advantage, it still is necessary to get your exposure in the “ballpark” or extensive testing, reviewing and time will be required (while your batteries take a hit). This guide gives you a much needed starting point for evaluating and adjusting your exposure.

For night photography you will need a digital camera that allows Manual mode shutter settings of 3-30 seconds or longer. A Bulb setting allows you to keep the shutter open as long as you depress the shutter button. A shooting mode of Auto (A) or Program Auto (P) may cause your night pictures to come out too dark. All of your shutter speeds may not be available in these modes. Full Manual mode is the preferred setting. It is always best to use the lowest ISO possible for the best image quality. As the ISO increases so does the amount of noise visible in your image.

The guide allows you to find the exposure you need without pouring through a maze of cumbersome dials. The Black Cat puts all the information you need into one easy to use tool.

The lighting conditions covered in the guide extend through the whole range of natural light that can be perceived by the human eye. The Black Cat arranges these conditions in a handy alphabetical SCENE list for ready reference and categorizes these lighting conditions as SCENES A-Z. These A-Z scenes form the basis for the new light code known as the Universal Light Code.

The Black Cat is designed for use with digital and all color print, slide, and black and white films. You also can use the guide to supplement your camera's exposure meter, your hand held meter, or a spot meter. In addition, your guide has extended exposure settings to prevent it from becoming obsolete because of changes in technology.

Your exposure guide is a springboard to creative photography, and gives you the confidence to take photographs in lighting situations and environments never dreamed possible.