1. How is the step for the admission?

The students should follow the procedure at the “Application and Admission Procedure”.

However, if the students still have some questions regarding the procedure, please ask us directly via email

for the details.

2. Which VISA is the best for the students?

We suggest the students for applying Socio Culture VISA that valid for 60 days.

3. What is ITAS?

ITAS is Izin Tinggal Terbatas or in English is Temporary Residency Permit – valid for six months

to one year. If the students are planning to stay over than three months in Indonesia, it’s better for them

for having ITAS.

4. What is the step for having ITAS in Indonesia?

The procedure for applying ITAS itself will take three steps:

1) The completion of documents needed

Students are obliged to fulfill the condition by completing the documents (the list on the “Application

and Admission Procedure”). Please send us the scanned of the documents and bring the copies

to Indonesia.

2) Applying for Study Permit

Students will be registered to for Study Permit in The Higher Education Board. This step will take around

3 to 4 months. The length of the process depends on the number of the applicants.

3) Applying for ITAS

After the Study Permit is published, students will be registered for ITAS. This step will take around

2 weeks to 1 month.

5. If students want to pay the tuition fee, what currency should the students use?

We suggest the students to pay with IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), in order to avoid a different amount paid

by the currency of the students’ origin country. Sometimes, the exchange rate affects the amount

that we receive.

6. What will the students get from the tuition fee?

Textbook, handouts, field trip, home stay program, and language partner (language partner is only for

Regular or Darmasiswa students).

7. How to enroll at STBA LIA?

  • If the students are interested to enroll at the Regular Class, we will send you the admission form. After fulfill the form, the students must send it back to us to be proceed, and we will contact the students for the detail procedure.
  • If the students are interested to enroll at the Private Class, we will ask the students beforehand to fulfill the detail information of the program that will be held such as schedule, location for the class, and total sessions that the students need. Hereafter, we will send a quotation letter to be signed.

8. How is the regulation for BIPA students at STBA LIA?

If you’d like to know about the detail of our regulation, we will send you the regulation via email.

9. Do the students allowed to work during the program?

  • For the Private Students, they are still allowed to work during the program, as long as it will not affect the daily schedule of the lessons.
  • For Regular and Darmasiswa students, they are not allowed to engage in any work during the program.

10. Does STBA LIA provide dormitory?

STBA LIA doesn’t provide dormitory for students. But, there are few rent rooms around our campus,

so the students can look for the dorm by themselves, or else, we can help you by providing the information

related to the rent room.