Indonesian Language for Non-Native Speakers

BIPA Program


Indonesian Language for Non-Native Speakers or BIPA Program is a special program for expatriates or international students who are interested in learning Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) in both written and spoken.

BIPA Program at STBA LIA has established since 2008. There have been plenty of International students graduated from our BIPA program with outstanding results since this program is conducted by our qualified teachers who have special certificates on BIPA’s teaching. Our specialty of BIPA Program is that students will learn Indonesia language skills and will be guided until they are mastered Indonesian Language. Students will also have chances to practice Indonesian Language, not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom, by getting involved directly to the local cultures or some events at STBA LIA.

We do believe by joining our BIPA Program, you are one step ahead of having the opportunities of mastering the language skills as well as understanding its cultures.

Our Levels

1. BIPA 1 : Elementary ( A1 – A2 )

At the end of this level, students are expected to have the competence to use basic Indonesian in daily conversation.

2. BIPA 2 : Intermediate ( B1 – B2 )

At the end of this level, students are expected to use both spoken and written Indonesian for formal purposes.

3. BIPA 3 : Advanced ( C1 – C2 )

At the end of this level, students are expected to give opinions and arguments, to participate in formal discussions, and to compose an essay.

Program and Study Period

1. Regular Program

First semester: September to December (Beginner and intermediate level only)

Second semester: February to May (Intermediate and advanced level only)

Class schedule : Monday to Friday (2 sessions per day)

~ 10:00 – 11:40 (1st session)

~ 13:00 – 14:40 WIB (2nd session)

1 package consists of 120 sessions per semester (1 session = 100 minutes)

2. Private Program

Private program is a customized course to fit students’ needs. The number of class and schedule can be arranged according to students’ availability.

1 package consists of 24 sessions (1 session = 90 minutes of study hours or customized)

3. Immersion Course Program (ICP)

ICP is held based on cooperation partnership. The program is customized to fit institution or corporate’s needs. The duration is from 2 up to 10 weeks.

Application and Admission Procedure

How to apply


Payment for Registration, Tuition Fee, and Telex can be made by:

  1. Cash at STBA LIA Jakarta, or
  2. Transfer to
  • Account name : STBA LIA Jakarta
  • Account No. : 102.0869.018
  • Swift code : BBUKIDJA
  • Clearing code : 441

BANK BUKOPIN M.T. Haryono Branch

Address : Jl. M.T. Haryono, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Note: please write the student’s name on the transfer sheet. The transfer fee of both the transmitted and beneficiary bank should be paid by the students / payer. IAO STBA LIA does not receive cheque or credit cards.


For more information please contact us:

BIPA at Kantor Urusan International (KUI) / International Affairs Office (IAO) STBA LIA Jakarta

Jl. Pengadegan Timur Raya No. 3, Pancoran, Jakarta 12770, Indonesia

Mon – Fri from 08.00 – 16.00 IWST (Indonesia Western Standard Time)

Phone: +62 21 7918-1051 Fax: +62 21 7918-1057

Email : /