About Us

 Serving Southeastern Wisconsin Counties.

Specializing in capturing injured, recently adopted, and foster dogs.
* Please note, we are not a rescue that adopts out or rehomes dogs.


Meet Billy's Posse!


Meet Billy. Our first success and the one who started it all!


Why did this organization get started? Billy went missing in the neighborhood and neighboring park of our Executive Director, Kristin M Wilson in March of 2017. She helped his owner for a month in the tracking and trapping of Billy. So much was learned by The Retrievers of MN. What to do, how to do it, and more importantly .... what NOT to do. She learned about the Missy Trap from them, as well. Billy's owner constructed one once a feeding station established with the help of Kristin's friend, who's property abutted the park and Billy visited almost daily ... to eat with the deer and ducks! He was trapped on this property, in a Missy Trap, one month to the day from when he went missing. There is such a satisfaction, and huge relief, to know a dog is no longer out in our dangerous world of vehicles and people. So much was learned. And Kristin soon found others wanting to do the same thing with their spare time. And so, informally, Billy's Posse began. 

Billy's Posse, Inc. was incorporated on November 8th of 2019 so that the community, who the team had gained a following from, could donate and help support the costs of fuel for driving, printing flyers, making road signs, and to obtain equipment (such as wifi trail cams, traps, and other supplies). Many owners helped pay it forward after a dog is recaptured, grateful someone is willing to help them in their time of need. But most cannot afford to. And that is where the general public is asked to help fund our public, no-fee services. 

We do not get any government funding. We are not contracted with any municipality or other government agency. And we are not animal control or humane officers. We are the ones who will help you get back your missing dog. Whether they just accidentally got loose ... or were stolen.

We have even helped to recover stolen and sold dogs. You can learn about this from our TMJ4 story.



We have found to have an impact on distraught owners when a dog goes missing. This is a pleasant side effect of what we do. The most immediate impact is being a calming voice with a guide to help them gett the word out and get their dog home quicker and safer. This has led to word-of-mouth referrals, including being tagged in lost dog posts on Facebook. All of this means one thing ... we are helping when help is desperately needed. Our main goal is to not be needed one day.