LOST & FOUND Telidon art

CSV 360° Video Projection


Founded or Co-founded

2022 360° Satudays at CSV Charles Street Video
2022 Artist In Residence Charles Street Video
2020-21 360 Video Projection Cylinder Canada's first, portable, 360 screen for artists.
2017-21 Telidon Archive Project w/ John Durno
2017-20 Vintage 360° Photography Project w/ Kavi
1993-95 The Copy Chai Locally funded DTP/fax & chia or coffee shop
1994-95 The Friday Cafe Locally funded weekly lunch & lecture series
1993-95 Comedia “Lease to own” computers for low incomes
1993-94 The Colour Workshop Walk in color photocoping
1987-00 Wm. Perry: Digital Text Services Walk in photocopy/DTP/ndependent publisher
1983-85 Videopage  Videotex Design & Dee;opment
1983-td    Toronto Community Videotex w/ Geoffrey Shea & Nina Beveridge
1981-82 The Telidon User Group Monthly meetings of videotex page creators
1981-83 Telidon At Trinity Square Video w/ Ric Amis
1981-85 Computerese Pre-web, online "magazine".
1981-82 Starside Softworks w/ Les Titze, Doug Back & Ron Gosbee 

Print Publications

2022 The Woman In The Window Spacing Magzaine (April issue)
2017 Reclaiming “Unsalvageable” Kids w/ Dr. L. K. Brendtro, CF Learning Online Journal, Thriving, Vol. 2, No. 13, 2018,
2005-08 Contributor/Editor/Layout Maple Blues Magazine 
2005-08 Contributor/Editor/Layout Toronto Downtown Jazz
2000 Be Nice In 60 Languages The nicest book in Canada.” Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star
The world’s nicest book.”, The National Post
nominate [Perry} for the Nobel Peace Prize”, Sally Cole, Charlottetown Guardian
2000 Be Rude In 60 Languages No publicity, no reviews, outsold the nice book 3 to 1
1998 Survive & Thrive Datebook/Directory Ad subsidized, free publication for low-income Toronto
1993 Meaford Datebook/Phone Directory Ad subsidized, free to 3,000 Meaford residents
1991-92 Meaford Dollars Innovative trade dollars that became valuable collectors items
1990-91 Meaford Business News  Ad subsidized newsletter, free to Meaford businesses
1985 Computerese: Terms of Reference Art Is Communication, (eds. G. Shea & P. Petro)
1985 Digitizing Representational Art NEXPRESS, Toronto Community Videotex
1985 “PORTS Timesharing Service” NEXPRESS, May 1985, vol. 2. no. 2.
1985 “Can. Conf. on Elect. Publishing” NEXPRESS, Sept. 85, vol. 2 no. 3
1985 “Swiftcurrent” NEXPRESS, May, 1985 vol. 2 no. 2
1985 “Why Wait Until 1990” NEXPRESS, May, 1985, vol. 2 no. 2
1982 “Telidon” Electronic Today International, Sept. 1982
1981 “Telidon: Today & Tomorrow” Parallelogram, Fall, 1981, vol. 7 no. 1
1981 “Telidon: Adjourd ‘hui” Parallelogram, Fall, 1981, vol. 7 no. 1


2022 "ART vs Art" Spacing.ca blog
2019-22 360° Video Projection Cylinder Now available to rent, thanks to to CSV Maker Space
2019-21 Indigenous Telidon Art The world’s 1st Indigenous computer art?
2017-21 Telidon Archive Project A summary of a search that led to recovering  almost 20K Telidon images created by 60+ emerging and established artists of the early 80s,  long thought lost.
2006 Innstead Housing Co-op This site has been running for 14 years  without updates, except a change of address.
2006 Exotic Indian Cuisine A  site that outlasted the business. still running without an update, except daily RSS feeds.
2007 Be Nice In 60 Languages Unpublished advertising app.   
2006 Brian Blain Electronic Press Kit EPKs were a new approach to promos for musicians in 2006

2000 Be Nice In 60 Languages My 1st "internet" website, 1 page, still collecting orders for my lost sympatico email address.

Group Shows

2018 InterAccess #telidon Exhibition Group show  & rave review by CBC art critic Chris Hampton
2014 Mean Time To Upgrade Group show curated by Maiko Tanaka at InterAccess

Solo Shows

April 2023 SuperNova Wm (Bill Perry's LOST & FOUND Early 80s Telidon Art
Nove 2022 The Cameron House Wm (Bill Perry's LOST & FOUND Early 80s Telidon Art


Intranet is private internet, websites aka  “utility or admin sites" , sometimes “link yards”. I've created dozens of intranet sites but being typically private, I can only share a few samples.

2019 Innstead News Web to print” newsletter, created online & printed to paper for people who prefer a paper copy.
2006 Maple Blues Proofs Web to print” project. Editors, anywhere in the world, can edit print publications.
2007 Maple Blues Utility Page A link yard, an online Google form collecting links
2008 Toronto Jazz & Blues Link Yard Another utility page mining for links

Pre-Internet but online

1987 Still Water At Swiftcurrent w/ Frank Davey & bp nichol at Swiftcurrent
1987 The Electronic Mail Sale w/ Frank Davey & bp nichol at Swiftcurrent
1985-87 Synthethetic Aesthetex w/ Frank Davey & bp nichol at Swiftcurrent
Computerese: Terms of Reference w/ Frank Davey & bp nichol at Swiftcurrent
Digitizing Representation Art w/ Frank Davey & bp nichol at Swiftcurrent
1981-83 Computerese Publisher/editor, VISTA Telidon field trial
1982 ART vs Art Author/editor, VISTA Telidon field trial
1985 Pictures of Democracy w/ Geoffrey Shea, Nell Tenhaaf, Nina Beveridge, Tom Leonhard & Dennis Day
1983 Tom, Dick & Harry Creator, Computerese, VISTA Telidon field trial
1982 The Canada Council w/ Robin Collyer & Ric Amis. A bilingual videotex “app” for Cantel (aka Service Canada)
1982 Metro CIC sampler w/ Elizabeth McLuhan created the precursor to what is known today as 311 Toronto
1982 Tip Top Telidon Do's & Don'ts sampler w/ Tip Top Tailor staff. Created during a 3 day workshop
1982 Ring Music sampler w/ Michael McLuhan to promote his music store of the same name on Harbord


1973-74 Innumberable Photo Essays Shows around York U and in  York U promos.
1974 York University Student Photographs Curated by Michael Semak, Impressions, B. Perry, pp 32-33,
1974 The Woman In The Window” 1974 360 photo from the roof of the Church of the Holy Trinity on
on  360 Cities
1973-74 Kids Like Me OAC funded, never published, photo doc of crown wards like me enjoying life in our CAS group homes.

University/College/Workshop/Public Speaking

2018 VRTO 2018 Where Will Your Art Be In 35 Years?” (archival best practices)
2017 VRTO 2017 The Woman In The Window” (360° Photography)
2018 Speaker at Interaccess “The Basement Tapes: Media Arts Reunion”
1990-93 Wm. Perry: Digital Text Services Intro to Computers, Intro to Desk Top Publishing, Your Telephone & Your Computer
1990 Employment Equity Conf, Port Elgin “Working With The Deaf
1989-90 Georgian College Introductory courses in microcomputers
1984-90 York University, Calumet College “Personal Computing: Telecommunications”
1986-87 York University, Calumet College “Digital Literature”
1987-89 York University, Calumet College “Microcomputers & Telecommunications”
1986 Art/Culture Resource Centre, Toronto “Digital Literature”
1985 Art & Technology Festival, Halifax “Small System Timesharing” & “Video to Videotex”
1985 Can. Conf. on Electronic Publishing “Content Databases”
1985 Calument College event, “Computers and New Art Distribution”
1982-85 Toronto Community Videotex Led over 100 small group workshop for artists
1982-84 York Univ, MSW graduation, twice “What They Didn’t Teach You”
1984 Video Culture Canada, Toronto, Nov 3 - “Video to Videotex” & Nov 4 - “Electronic Publishing”
1982 ANNPAC AGM, Montreal “Telidon/Videotex”
1982 Can. Period. Pub. Assoc.May 28 “Electronic Publishing”
1982 Univ. of Victoria, Creative Writing “The Interactive Narrative”
1982 BC Telematics Caucus, Vancouver “Telidon Page Creation”


2003–06 Immigration/Refugee/Family Law  workshops w/ The LSUC, Criminal Lawyers’ Association & Ontario Bar Association.
1979-80 Intern, PhotoElectric Arts Foundation - assisted R. Hill, Head, PhotoElectric Arts, OCAD & S. Hill w/ Computer Culture & Super 8 Festivals
1973-78 B.A.,  York University
1976-78 Graduate Studies, York Univ., Social/Political Thought w/ Brady Polka and Bernie Zelechow
1976 Research Assistant w/ Prof  Syd Eisen, Dean of Arts
1975 Research Assistant, w/ Professor David Weisstub, Osgoode Hall
1974 Researcj Assistant w/  Professor John Phillips
1958-73 24 Public Schools & 6 High Schools


Around Computerese
Artexte Skype interview with Bill Perry


S. Dunne, Electronics Today International, 6/81