Highlights of my work as an "Independent Publisher"   
  • After I left electronic publishing and art, I went off to be a  businessman  in Meaford, Ont.  In 1987 I set up a photocopy and public fax business called "Wm. Perry: Digital Text Services".  I started with PageMaker on a Mac II and a LaserWriter printer.  When I added a photocopier to the mix, the enterprise took off.  After a couple of years it morphed into a printing company and then an independent publisher.  And, I learned you can't choose not to be an artist.

  • "Small Run Printing", i.e. "digital printing" or "print on demand", became my speciality.   This worked  well for special events or groups requiring small runs.

  • "Independent Publishing", for most individuals, small businesses or non-profit organizations, this is the only way to publish.   

  • "Advertising Subsidized" publications, such as telephone directories, datebooks and calendars became my bread and butter over the years.

Below are some highlights of my independent publishing efforts:


Be Nice In 60 Languages (2000)

Author / Publisher

"The 'nicest book in Canada' is what Wm. Perry calls his creation.  And I agree"     
                                                                            Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star

"World's 'nicest book" can teach you how to say please in Azerbaijani, thank you in Urdu.  A perfect stocking stuffer"                                                        National Post 

"Be Nice in 60 Languages" has won my heart"        Jana Pruden, Medicine Hat News

"This volume warms my heart. . . perhaps someone will nominate Wm. Perry for the Nobel Peace Prize"                                            Sally Cole, Charlottetown Guardian  


Be Rude In 60 Languages (2001)  

Author / Publisher

From the preface:  "Rudities are like rocks we carry with us for stoning people, privately or publicly.  Around the world, rudeness is the same:  people hurl their fears (like rocks) upon each other.  Around the world, rudeness is different.  This book makes it easy to see the different ways and means of rudeness in the world’s most common languages.  Looking at fear and hatred in other cultures illuminates the fears and hatred of our own culture."

A year after "Be Nice" was published, "Be Rude" was issued.  Without  advance press, marketing or reviews, and in spite of the subject matter, "Be Rude"  outsells "Be Nice" in bookstores by 3 to 1. 


Toronto Survive and Thrive 1998 Datebook

Author / Publisher

 An advertising subsidized datebook to raise funds for "Low Income Families Together". 


The Meaford Appointment Book & Telephone Directory

Author / Publisher 

An advertising subsidized telephone directory and datebook distributed free to 3,000 Meaford households 


Siting the Super Nova (1992)

Design / Layout / Publisher

An artist catalogue for renowned Canadian sculptor Alex DeCossan.


Upwards to the Stars (1991)

Design / Layout / Publisher

Hardcover, 8.5 x 11", 461 page with hundreds of photos.

A social history of secondary education in Meaford written by Gary McEachern


Meaford Business News (1991 to 1993)

Editor / Publisher

A quarterly, advertising subsidized publication that was distributed, free of charge, to all businesses in Meaford. 


Meaford Dollars (1991 to 1992)

Designer / Publisher

An innovative approach to "Trade Dollars" to raise funds for the Meaford Chamber of Commerce.  

Instead of creating one metal or plastic dollar, six different dollars were created on "non-tear" paper.  The secret of trade dollar success is that the dollar(s) leave town as souvenirs.  

These became highly collectible, due to being the first ever, full colour "set" of trade dollars.  All of the Meaford trade dollars left town and it was a great fundraising success.

I still can't believe that I convinced the town of Meaford to print their own currency.  The Chamber of Commerce sponsored the currency and all the business and even the banks agreed to trade the currency.