For Sale

At Big Sky Alpacas we are happy to provide advice and information to anyone who is considering purchasing alpacas. Owning alpacas is an ongoing learning experience, and we enjoy sharing the knowledge we have with others.

Contact Michelle for our current Sales List to add great genetics to your herd!

We are pleased to offer alpacas from our herd for sale as pets, herd guards, and breeding stock. We hate to say goodbye to any of them, but herds improve and grow by introducing new genetics, and it is a pleasure to see our alpacas going to a new herd to achieve a positive impact. The purchase price includes full after sales support and service, as the ongoing health and happiness of our animals - and our customers - is a priority for us.

All our animals are registered on the International Alpaca Register (IAR) using the AAA's eAlpaca system, and their pedigree certificates are available. All animals come with a "Paca Care Kit", which includes basic alpaca health and management information, animal husbandry notes, animal health history records and a supply of feed to transition them to their new home.

Fleece and yarn available

The Big Sky herd have been shorn and we have a limited amount of clean, skirted fleece from our 2018 shearing available for purchase. We test fleece samples from our huacaya herd (mid side sample) and can provide the fleece statistics and histogram on request.

We also have 100% alpaca yarn available, which has been processed from the Big Sky herd. This is available in a range of natural colours, each ball of 5ply yarn is 50g, and approximately 120metres in length.