The purpose of this site is to give secondary teachers and students access to research quality data without having to deal with the data management often required. At the moment, the data section of the page includes country averages from the world value survey, suitable for simple bivariate investigations. The plan, however, is to also include Time series and Multivariate data. For more information about the data management involved, see the Doc's section.

Examples of research topics

Religion and childcare: Is obedience more important aspect of child rearing in more religious countries as compared to less religious countries? (Explored by Ben, year 13, TGS 2018)

Happiness and work: Is there a positive association between average happiness and average importance of work across countries? (Explored by Lillie, year 13, TGS 2018)

Health and exercise: Is average health higher in countries where people exercise more more? (Anonymous year 13 student at TGS, 2018)

Freedom and money: Do people feel that they have more freedom of choice in richer countries than in poorer countries? (Saxon year 9 student at TGS, 2018)

If you used the data on this site, please let us know about your projects.