1. Basics of gravitational waves (Prof. Sanjeev Dhurandhar)

Quick recap of the basics, dynamical content of Einstein equations, Linearized gravity, Production and Propagation of Gravitational waves

Lectures (1-3) (pdf)

Tutorial 1 (problem set, solution set)

Tutorial 2 (problem set, solution set)

  1. Black hole physics (Prof. Eric Gourgoulhon)

Black holes (BH) solutions in GR, Kinematics in BH spacetimes, Penrose process and super-radiance in Kerr spacetime, BH solutions beyond General Relativity.

Causal structure of stationary BHs, Penrose diagrams and asymptotic structure, Introduction to trapped surfaces and horizons, Laws of Black hole mechanics


  1. Tests of GR (Prof. Paolo Pani)

Classical and Modern tests of GR (Shapiro delay, Gravitational time dilation, Frame dragging and Geodetic effect, Tests of Equivalence principle, ...), Tests of GR and its modifications with Gravitational waves.

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  1. Theoretical aspects of BHs - part a (Prof. Badri Krishnan)

Isolated and Dynamical horizons and their applications to Numerical Relativity

Lecture 1 (slides) Lecture 2 (slides) Lecture 3 (slides)

  1. Theoretical aspects of BHs - part b (Prof. Eric Poisson)

BH perturbation theory, Relativistic tidal Love numbers

Lectures 1-2 (slides)

Practice Set (Day 3)

  1. Observational aspects of BHs focusing on astrophysical implications (Prof. Monica Colpi)

Gravitational wave observations of compact binary mergers in context of ground and space based detectors, BH observations of Event Horizon Telescope