All times in the table below are in Indian Standard Time (IST : UTC+5:30). You may use this link to convert the given times into your time zone.


  1. Basics of gravitational waves (BGW, 3 lectures) - Prof. Sanjeev Dhurandhar

  2. Black hole physics (BH, 3 lectures) - Prof. Eric Gourgoulhon

  3. Tests of GR (TGR, 3 lectures) - Prof. Paolo Pani

  4. Theoretical aspects of BHs - part a (BHP (T) part a, 3 lectures) - Prof. Badri Krishnan

  5. Theoretical aspects of BHs - part b (BHP (T) part b, 3 lectures) - Prof. Eric Poisson

  6. Observational aspects of BHs focusing on astrophysical implications (BHP(O), 3 lectures) - Prof. Monica Colpi

Special Colloquium* : The Rebirth of Einstein’s General Relativity -- Prof. Clifford M Will

* requires registration; visit poster (Chandrasekhar lecture) at the school home page.