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Project Overview

Welcome to IlluminaInterviews, a unique initiative dedicated to shedding light on the journeys, inspirations, and challenges faced by artists and social media influencers within our community. Our project aims to provide a platform where these voices can share their stories, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for diverse forms of expression.

Originally focused on conducting in-depth interviews, IlluminaInterviews has now pivoted to provide free space and equipment for artists to produce their own audio recordings and content. We have constructed two recording booths at our space, enabling multiple artists to work simultaneously. Additionally, we assist artists in creating music videos, all free of charge! While we have expanded our services, we still provide interviews on demand to capture and share the unique narratives of our local talent.

By offering these resources and support, we empower artists to bring their creative visions to life and share them with a broader audience. Through our efforts, we aim to capture and amplify the narratives of those who might not yet have reached mainstream recognition. By highlighting the experiences of these individuals, we strive to inspire, educate, and connect our audience, celebrating the richness of our local talent.

To further support our mission, we offer low-cost Mic Drop or Studio Videos for artists at a significantly reduced price. These sessions help cover the cost of additional equipment purchases and travel to concert events. We also provide Mic Drop videos at concert venues in collaboration with Darrion McMahon and his promotion group G1ENT, which organizes shows for local talent in Cleveland, Ohio. My presence at these venues ensures we capture the dynamic performances of our local artists.

The recording booths and Mic Drop video sessions are available by appointment only every Wednesday and Thursday from 3 PM to 6 PM. This dedicated time allows us to support artists consistently and ensure they have access to the resources they need to succeed.

This project is made possible through the generous support of Neighbor Up Action Grant, Tender Hearts Crusade, Real Smoqed Barbeque, and Rock and Roll City Studios. Together, we are building a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.

Explore our content, meet our featured artists, and join us in celebrating the power of storytelling and creativity.

For Immediate Release

IlluminaInterviews Opens Its Platform for Local Artists – Share Your Creative Journey with Us!

Cleveland, Ohio – 02/12/2024 – IlluminaInterviews, a dynamic initiative dedicated to showcasing the vibrant and diverse talent of our community, is excited to invite local artists to share their stories and artistry. This platform is a celebration of creativity, passion, and artistic journeys, designed to highlight and uplift emerging talents in various art forms.

Founded and managed by Dario Baker, IlluminaInterviews provides a unique opportunity for artists, musicians, and creatives to connect with a broader audience. Each interview is thoughtfully curated to shine a light on the individuality and creative spirit of the artists, offering them a stage to inspire and engage with others.

Calling All Creative Minds!

Are you a musician with soul-stirring melodies, a visual artist with captivating works, a dancer who expresses stories through movement, or a creative individual with a unique artistic flair? If you have an artistic tale to tell, we are here to listen and share it.

How to Apply for an Interview

To be considered for an interview, please email your creative content to Send us anything that represents your art – music samples, art portfolios, performance videos, or any form of artistic expression. Along with your content, please include a brief explanation of why you want to be interviewed and the story you wish to share with the world.

Why Choose IlluminaInterviews?

IlluminaInterviews is more than a platform for exposure; it's a community where experiences are shared, and inspiration is sparked. It’s a celebration of the artists that bring color, rhythm, and vision to our community.

Seize this opportunity to have your voice heard and your art seen. Your artistic journey is unique, and IlluminaInterviews is here to amplify it.

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Dario Baker



Join this exciting venture and let the world hear your artistic voice!