Studio Rules:

Music Videos:

With a budget of $250, here are 10 things that will be provided for a client who wants to shoot a music video:

Mission Statement

Record216 is dedicated to offering media production services and community service opportunities for adolescents. We acknowledge that many teenagers have a need to express their identities, thoughts, and emotions in a manner that promotes genuine self-disclosure and interpersonal connection. Unfortunately, existing social services for teenagers often prioritize organizational image over individual well-being. Therefore, Record216 was founded with the deliberate aim of equipping adolescents with the resources necessary for personal expression, thus supporting their education by addressing literacy concerns when given the freedom of speech.

Professional Objectives

Organizational Objectives

Executive Summary

Record216 is a company committed to the principles of autonomy and individual expression among teenagers. We will address the needs and concerns of our clients by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills for project completion. Our organization will consistently utilize available educational resources for operational and legal purposes. We will ensure access to high-quality media production equipment for our clients and connect with our target market through community and business partnerships, fostering trust and rapport with clients and local residents. By employing a diverse marketing approach and competitive pricing, we aim to attract a niche market. Record216 will cultivate a productive working environment for clients, volunteers, employees, and investors, creating a rewarding experience for all parties involved in the business.