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This review is focused on the quality of the academic writing services provided by WritingsGuru to their customers who are mainly students. The main points upon which this review will be focused were obtained after conducting a thorough and wholesome evaluation of every aspect of the company, the services they offer and the way they go about offering these services. In order to eliminate any form of bias, one of our employees placed an order on their site and we judged the quality of the paper and the service in general.

What is this service about?

WritingsGuru is an online custom writing service, whose primary objective is to alleviate the educational burden of students all over the world through the use of their professional writers. This writing service has a lot of experience gathered over the years which helps it in coming in contact with the major players in the profession. The main office of this writing service is originally located in Scotland but the services they offer are easily available to any student who has an access to the internet anywhere on the globe. The official website of the WritingsGuru has a unique design which will capture the attention of any student.

Here are some statistics which show the amount of effort and the level to which they have risen in the academic writing world.

  1. Experienced researchers – There have over 100 highly experienced researchers who work tirelessly to provide the best quality of services available to students.
  2. The company has over 30 accepted orders daily and this number can increase sporadically especially during the month of March.
  3. Affordable revision rate – The cost of a revision is only 10% of the price of the writing the main paper.

Main features

From the results of the evaluation, here are the main features which of the services they offer.

  • Free samples – On the WritingsGuru website, one can find some sample papers which serve to provide an insight on what to expect. These samples are free for download so you do not have to worry about paying for a service that is not officially part of the main paper you want to write.
  • 100% money back – According to the terms and conditions of services provided, the client can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the quality of the paper. However, this request for a refund can be accepted only if the complaint has been evaluated and deemed substantial. Therefore, there is no need worrying about losing your money over a sub-standard service.
  • Safe payments – Payments can be made using 2checkout or PayPal accounts. The card information and other account details are not available for public use. Moreover, all payments are made to the official account of the writing service and not to someone’s personal account.
  • 100% Confidentiality – The identity of the student is kept confidential. Also, the information provided while filling in the order form is also available to a member of the support team and the writer. Even the details of the order can be seen only by the writer to which it was assigned. This helps in keeping the confidence of those who find it difficult to trust their personal information to strangers.
  • Original papers – All the papers from WritingsGuru writers are completely original and are written from scratch. The policy on plagiarism of any form is very strict and sometimes comes at the cost of the contract of the writer. As such, the student is assured that the paper they are going to receive is original and the content is not a ‘rip-off’ of another person’s work or idea.
  • The presence of a dashboard which enables constant communication between the customer, the writer and the support team in case the customer wants to make changes to the paper or when the writer needs clarification on something.

Other features

There are other extra features which are available to clients who are willing to pay extra in order to get the very best of the services offered by paper writing service. These extra services include:

  • Requesting the services of an advanced writer – This costs an extra 25% of the original price of the paper.
  • Requesting special editing – The customer will be required to pay an extra fee of 15%
  • Requesting a list of sources – This costs a total of $9.99 regardless of the number of sources.
  • Revision policy – You can request a revision within a specified deadline. After this deadline expires, you will have to make a separate revision request as a new order.

Order procedure

  • Submit your instructions on the official homepage of WritingsGuru
  • You can calculate the cost of placing an order using an order calculator which is on the site of this writing service. When you get the price, then you can go ahead to place your order. After placing the order, you can then go ahead to make your payment to the account provided using PayPal.
  • Await the results.

Pricing depends generally on the type of paper, number of pages, urgency and course level of the student.

Why use WritingsGuru?

  • Original quality – The papers are written after independent research from the writers and professional researchers.
  • Competitive prices – The pricing is within the average range of that of other top writing services.
  • A systematic approach to conducting research, writing the paper, editing according to the formatting style and including the customer in the writing process.
  • Flexible discounts – Discounts are available to first-time users and loyal customers according to the number of pages ordered.
  • Timely delivery – All papers are delivered on time irrespective of the deadline. If the deadline is too tight, the order will not be accepted. This is a great way of making sure that the customer is not disappointed.
  • Capability-assurance for those customers who have trust issues regarding going into business with strangers online.

In conclusion, the results of our evaluation showed that the quality of the services offered by WritingsGuru is outstanding. The price is affordable for students at all levels of education.