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EssayUSA is a writing service based in the United States which offers writing services to customers in both arts, sciences and other non-academic aspects of life where writing is required.

Writing services offered

The services offered cover a very wide range of subject from arts to humanities. However, they type of service can be grouped into two major categories; academic and non-academic.

  1. Academic services – These services include writing of all forms of essays, term papers, dissertations, and book review which are mostly assignments given to students. This covers the main bulk of the body of work which they do.
  2. Non-academic services – These services are not related to the education system. They include business reports, presentations, speeches, resume and cover letters.

What are the main features?

  1. Qualified writers – This writing service employs the services of freelance and full-time writers who have an advanced knowledge of the usage of the English language in academic writing. This is evident by the quality of the content they deliver. Moreover, the minimum requirement for becoming a writer is a college degree in a specific field of study. All the papers the writer will work on will be related to this field of study
  2. Active Communication – EssayUSA makes use of a message board to establish a three-way communication link between the customer, the writer, and the support team. This make it possible for ideas and clarifications to be transmitted effectively

Additional features

There are other extra features which can be enjoyed by customers who wish to enjoy the services to the maximum. These features are recommended but they are completely optional for use. These features which can be found while filling the order form include:

  • Advanced writer – The choice of an advanced writer will cost the client an extra fee of 25%. This means that the quality of the paper delivered will be impeccable by all parameters of measurement.
  • Editing – For those who need special editing in terms of grammar and content in general, the fee is 15% of the total cost.
  • List of sources – Digital copies and a comprehensive list can be provided to the customer irrespective of the number of pages. The cost of this service is $9.99.


The pricing of the services provided by best essay writing service in the US is quite decent and easily affordable when one considers the quality. The amount to be paid depends on a number of factors which include:

  • The academic level of study of the clients
  • The volume of the work which is calculated in terms of the number of pages, spacing, and the number of words.
  • The urgency of delivery. Orders which have a 24hour deadline cost more than those which are placed 10 days before the deadline.
  • The type of paper also determines the price of the order. Papers which require extensive research usually cost more. Also, orders which require the use of special methods like presentations have a different pricing method.
  • Additional services like extra editing, choosing the services of an advanced writer and requesting a list of sources tend to add to the total price of the order.


There are many guarantees provided in the terms and conditions of services offered by EssayUSA. These include:

  • Security Policy (for all personal information)
  • Revision Policy
  • Plagiarism Free Warranty
  • Money Back Warranty

Advantages of using EssayUSA

  1. 100% Plagiarism free – The company has no tolerance for any form of plagiarism. They have advanced software which can effectively detect all forms of plagiarism even if it is paraphrasing. All papers submitted by writers have to go through this compulsory plagiarism test before they are cleared for delivery to the client.
  2. Top quality content– EssayUSA has an army of writers who work full-time or as freelance writers. These writers are chosen through rigorous screening to determine their proficiency in the use of the English language required for academic language. These writers are also professionals in a particular field of study, they work only on orders that fall within their purview. There is no need for worrying about irregularities in the paper because of the high standard of quality.
  3. 24/7 Support – The support team can be contacted through a message board at any time because they work round the clock and attend to all complaints and answer questions from the customers.
  4. Cost effective – The price of buying an academic paper is very affordable when compared to the cost at other writing services. Moreover, you get full value for your money because the whole team works as a unit to provide the best service possible to the customer

How to place an order

All orders have to be placed on the official website of EssayUSA. Here is the procedure which you should follow:

  • Go to the official website
  • Log in or register as a new client
  • Click on ‘ORDER’
  • Fill out the instructions and specifications of the paper. Add the number of sources or add different files if you have them in your possession.
  • Choose the volume of the paper and the preferred formatting style
  • Make sure you choose the academic level and choose the deadline
  • Choose other additional services if you need them
  • Add your personal information. This will help to make contacting you easier
  • Click on ‘PAY’ to submit the order
  • When the support team indicates that the specifications of the of the order can be reached, then go ahead and pay
  • Payments can be made via PayPal to the official account provided by the support team
  • Then wait for the deadline and receive your order.


After going through the services provided by EssayUSA, we are confident to ascertain that the quality of their service is impeccable. The strictness with which they adhere to instructions and the patience of their support team is quite remarkable. Furthermore, the timely delivery ensures that the client would not have to worry about receiving the paper before the deadline.